Zander fishing … Is pike perch fish hooked with lure or fly?

Okay. There’s a plan. Fly zander fish. This is a super quick stop. We have a very confident other angler. How should we
call him? The Spin dude or the Lure guy anyhow
we have a specific spot that we will check and there’s some confidence of
catching zander. so I’m gonna try with a fly and I’m not very confident at all. But that’s the plan for today let’s go. I take pride of being the most
unprepared angler ever always I don’t have a sinking line I have just a normal
fly line so what I’m thinking is I want to fish this Christmas decoration style
silver tinsel streamer It won’t sink so what I’ll do at least the
idea is to use some heavy fly with a bead head as something that will weigh
the line that’s my that’s my tactic of the day and
obviously I don’t even have very heavy flies with me
so good luck me. we’ll see how it goes like this.. Nothing. okay let’s try the fly option as
well That’s better. And just as I was setting up… so
on the second cast. Okay okay the first idea with the weight was really stupid but I
took it off and seems like it’s heavy enough even with the floating line but
it’s a little bit quiet here let’s check another spot – and yeah this is ice fishing What’s good about this time
of year is that as we want to take one home as a dinner there is a natural cooler here. Okay. I guess the confidence wasn’t overconfidence. So at least for today it
was pretty well established that here for zander fishing, the spin rod
was more effective than fly rod. I forgot the tripod
so I’m using the good old camera on the ground hack so if you’re wondering what
the heck is going on here anyhow that’s the conclusion of short specific zander
pike-perch trip Pike perch on fly anyhow thanks for watching I hope you liked
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