WW2 Kurland Kessel echo, digging German bunker! №19

WW2 Kurland Kessel echo, digging German bunker! №19

Greetings to all! Today we will dig a bunker Last time we got some good signals in the bunker Started to dig but understand that the roof has fallen… …so the signals are under the roof So we will try to dig this bunker Weather is good, not hot, not cold So let’s get started Digging half an hour, started to clean entry Some writings on the box Some kind of German amunition… NIVEA glass bottle Whats was inside? Some kinf of perfume? Digging about 2 hours Karlis cleaning bunker form one side I’m cleaning entry and other side There was a big roof board..took it out and under the board was a box Box was falling apart…but wood is good. 12cm Granatwerfer 42 munution box And a bakelite cap Sad that didn’t find container Standart German bunker stuff Digged the bunker in 3 hours In results, not so much to see Granatwerfer 42 munition box Bakelite cap German mess kit cap Shell German wine bottle inside was diesel/kerasin Probably for trench lamps You can drink it 😀 If i drink it i will stay here… From the box Nice glass bottle Without markings Nivea bottle German cream, toothpaste tubes Whats left from the box… There’s another bunker But there we will need a water pump We will continue to dig these bunkers Cork is inside Yes, i pushed it Thats all for now, so you next time!

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