Working with Detailed Logos – High Resolution Logos – Working on Cape May Sport Fishing Logo

Is this thing on? testing 1 2 3 hey we should be up and running now This is John from UDoIt and I’m working on a
logo this is a logo sent to me by Tony of came a sport fishing
and I brought the logo it was a it was an image
I brought the logo into Adobe Illustrator and turned my mind up and I selected a logo and I use the feature
built within it image trace may can expand as what I
chose and it automatically traced out the logo so I’m able to use this now and
import it into fusion 360 be a couple step process because the
problem you have with 3d printing is how fine a detail you can go based on the
size nozzle and I have a point four millimeter nozzle which allows you to
get to some fine detail but the particular thing I’m gonna work on this
logo may not work well I may have to change the logo slightly so that it has
some of the representation of what Tony wants to convey in the logo let’s show you the logo here so this is
the logo again I went through I selected the object choose image trace make it
expand and it’s built into Adobe Illustrator and it automatically creates
the the logo it was a black and white logo so it really didn’t have a lot of
difficulty there was some aliasing that was built in to the logo so it faded you
could still make out what the lines were and it interprets those based on like a
50% value and it makes a decision where it’s going to make the line at when it
traces it take a moment here to bring up my chat you so if you’re joining me now thanks for
joining thanks for hitting that like button
hey cherries in here hey thanks for joining it in a skewed
view runs in here else yeah thank you’re doing a half
audio that’s good alright so let me just recap very quickly this is a logo I’m
working on for Cape May sportfishing it has a lot of fine detail and the thing
that I was asked to create is quite small where the logo is going to be and
it may be that it’s not achievable and we may have to alter the logo slightly
to make it so that it still is representative if you remember the last
time I worked on the Cape make sportfishing logo which I had printed attentions behind the curtain so this was 3d printed this is okay I
don’t like it too much let me see my yes reason why I don’t
like it too much is because there’s a little bit of ripple right there photos
in the 3d printing community you know this is echo lean whatever and this one was the perfect one
hey river thanks for joining it’s a two-colored print
Oh there’s a you know ran through 2g code
and I’m gonna do a similar thing with this logo maybe or I might paint it with
some type of epoxy paint so I have this logo and now I need to
save it as an SVG faux I’ll save it as an ad out photo first so I can preserve
the work I’ve already created hey Tony thank you joining keep me
sportfishing new logo so this is the adobe illustrator file and then oh yeah that’s a good way to look at it
Oh you said you were in here when I showed
them that’s good burning gems is here cool all right sieving this file and then I’m
gonna bring this into fusion 360 this is this parts going to be a quick process try this again let’s see if we’re back
up testing one two three testing you so it’s looking okay for now or not is
that better I’m sending 512 which I think we’re golden better thank
you River thank you thank you thank you okay let’s close that I’m going to close
this window to minimize that well minimize this all right so we’re
we’re talking about this logo so let’s get rid of all these other things that
we don’t need Oh
you you all right so now we’re just focusing on
this logo yeah you know what I did I quit the
browsers and I probably I swear I did this before
I started a stream I closed OBS down and reopened it and so I want to move this maybe I don’t
need let’s see what we can do Drude this into this area I just want to
see what happens I don’t know how big this is which is a little bit bigger than two
inches this is just a test and we will extrude
this downward or upward answers go up or we’ll go up one Miller you where we go so it’s like it did it is two separate
bodies that’s not what I wanted so let’s undo
that okay so we’ll do this again truth for the new component
and we’ll go up one then where the 3d print this virtually you it’s not let me you know what hold on
I’m not done let’s go back the body that body this
body then to select this guy this guy
and they’re good I’ll extrude this downward one millimeter you you Oh Chris am i I’m not showing yeah Thank
You rubric Chris Phil all right alright let me review what I just did so apparently my computer’s still being a
third all right so I extruded this upward
right which it’s frequently done in fusion 360 so I
did these two things and just choose extrude upward one millimeter into a new component right so now we got that but I’m
because now I have to give it something to be printed on so I will select these
other items through these into this guy and we’ll go negative one you you okay it’s not what you know you laughter that’s cool yeah you could see
the reflection it’s in the glasses all right so it doesn’t like that I’ll
do a new component now we got two components but can they be treated as one now so
let’s see if I can 3d printed my wisest thing being such a turd I mean
it’s literally being a turd you so you can hear it while that that noise
is actually the cracking I can do this join so I can join the two buddies join the two components oh there we go they’re selected no
that’s what they wanted all right so this would be and this is a test you and now that saved
I need to you want a slicer I should probably quit this I’ll start
it again I think it becomes very slow slicer does all right just waiting for it to load up you you you alright we’ll add this STL file it should be small just all maybe that’s not so bad the real the real test is going to be
when I what I do is slicing so let’s see if you can handle it the slices right now this is the person’s laser Rico just make this fullscreen then we’ll look at the layers oh not bad there’s some detail in there
kind of looks a little funky in some spots very rigidly let me translate you so the lengthen with so about two inches tall a little bit
over two inches tall and maybe about five six inches long you can see it’s 121 by 57 you there’s the preview that’s not too bad you you it might it might come out just fine but then I think I’m gonna need to put
CMS F here in this area here or the whole length of the ruler I could
probably put Kate make sports fishing I think that might work that might be
the better approach let’s go back into fusion 360
oh don’t want to be with and we’ll go into your sketches
let’s turn these guys off you you
all right and I started in Boston the numbers I should be able to turn on this buddy
that’s what the ruler is looking like so let’s measure after you how tall this
was so that’s 50 millimeters so I think I
need to make it as tall as the other the other image I’d made and maybe not
and my workouts just fine where that detail fits in here you see if I can move this you look at that the whole thing is and this ruler is quite thick so say good point-to-point I’ll go from
this point to this point so now we’re locked in that way and then I just need
to see if it can be constrained within this length here so let’s
they’d roll in here dude here oh let’s draw capture position dude what are you doing where’d he go
oh it disappeared hey alright let’s do this we’ll make that construction sketching and we’ll see if that’s still
visible a tear you up it is so now I can free move this downward well not freedom
if I move it along hacks ease so you want to do free move and we’ll
move it downward is love you look at their the Fitz so it’s really not much where I have to
do hit enter to accept that and now this is what’s cool about fusion 360 yeah that’s right yeah that’s what turn
you wanted so I’m gonna grab this face something else I love about fusion 360
moving copy faces is selected up here and that lets me go point to point and I
will take it from this point here to this point Oh hit okay dude what is happen move 20 origin point destination point okay why aren’t you doing it let me cut it
then I will slice this object with buddy capture position yep this body the split and splitting tall
no it’s the body this is the splitting tool there we go component which I can I turn it off or hello good there
we go so now that body’s gone that’s good to know wrong cuz I got this
stupid fast PC and it’s laggy as crap all right so let me modify split body
this is the body nope
this is the splitting tool okay and then this body is gone you all right now could probably do this let’s see I need to join these two
together though before I do anything else you let’s turn this so we want to do this as
a component yet and don’t know very component embodies right so can I join now
modify compiling what decade make a new component sure
why isn’t it though Oh you so now when they double-click on that is
it the same body here we go all right
should be able to do this then okay I just want to see this edge when a move face we want to do point-to-point and want to
go from it’s like yeah this is the face I want
to move origin point to this point it’s not doing listen to the like is it the fact that the component isn’t
selected you something some error here try adjusting the values or changing the
input geometry that phase point target we it’s not working yeah I try to
fishing a couple times and I’m horrible I’m better at catching the cold all right let me do this
of all of this extrude it upward somehow I just notice
another part isn’t showing up in here it’s the one here someplace I think right there so I need to make sure I get
that in there let’s draw your hippie project on to
this guy I’m just going to draw a rectangle all right it’s my rectangle and I’m just going to extrude and I want
to extrude you to object you you that’s four millimeters on extrude no
downward that’s one body reader you oh okay well in that case and yeah I I
will do that except it’ll probably be with Jamison I mean tell them we’re
doing later I was that’s going good so I did a little test
this is about two inches tall and I just wanted to see how much of the detail
would be preserved when they did it and it’s not looking
too bad it looks like you know he still has a representation of the fish in
there so I think I think it would come out fine
I just don’t know why that little thing is in there
I don’t know what what it’s doing there it is so weird talk to her ever about that I think he
has a different opinion about the Jameson so Travis this is a fishing
ruler I’m Korean and it goes so it’s like good 933 millimeter so
thousand so I quit 40 inches 36 inches something like that you yeah it was really weird Grover you think that’s the printhead it
actually I don’t think so because it shows the filament kind of going like
traversing this and coming backwards it’s a stranger that throws it right
there in the middle of the layer before it begins the next layers
right just super odd yeah thanks for stopping by teachers
it’s awesome appreciate the support yeah I had a stream fail earlier we were
looking at my face the whole time I was doing a fusion 360 work and then I had
horrible leg completely horrible leg and I think I lost a half of everybody who
was in there I think we might have gained
someday that I understand why yeah everybody left hey that’s traitors Travis you work in Adobe Illustrator
lover you know man
Mike thanks for joining I need to get a hawker oh you know what I really want
where you could send me a tweet and based on what the tweet is it could
be command and a little honker horn or something I
got to work on that Raspberry Pi project they’ll be cool alright so the next
thing I’m doing is embossing numbers on this ruler
right and it’s it’s a pain I’d like to have something that was on to me like
could definitely write a script to do this and I just don’t know the scripting
language I well enough in here the other thing I forgot was the may sportfishing and I might be able to
squeeze that in here look at how that that’s neat how the shadows that you all right so let’s just type out Cape May
sportfishing and it’s go to a sketch sketches this sketch is that that’s the
numbers right yeah if I do a new sketch what will I see and we want this claim you
I’m left clicking and holding we can select the xy-plane they take you you but you guys being here man it’s awesome
so we may sport fishing and then see I can’t set the kerning and stuff in
here I might have to do this inside
illustrator let’s see one two three four five six
seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 yeah okay so we got plenty of room to spread
out Kate made sportfishing across every every digit there
so I think that’s what a what I want to do
I will spread this out the fun I don’t know what font this was I don’t think
Tony’s still here I need if that like button if you didn’t hit
that like button already turning if you’re still here I just need to know
what the font is you like you try to guess what the finest
I’ll take a long time you you you sandra doesn’t know you but he knows
never let the machines win did a showed that he did he solve it
Grover I guess we got a watch once you push the link for the video in here you all right so we can do Cape May sport
fishing at the centre point in each one of these which will work out just fine
and I can put cm right here right
it’s what we’ll do there I think this design is going
fine but now here’s the problem my bed is only 250 millimeters I don’t know
what the exact printable area is if I can go 250 so then if I go if this is going to be 30
six inches long right I think I said this was 933 so we got 933 no 33 Billy is she OSHA’s guessing like
36 inches yeah okay so we’re 37 inches you oh boy you just opened up that can of
worms yeah we can come up with it what does it all do you mean oh boy
I can see that being a problem all right and then this is five
millimeters tall so we got 36 and we go to 50 well I mean I just do this math
with we’re a thousand so I need to do four strips of this so I have to cut
this all right so what I want to do
is I want to make it so that this is one piece when I’m done with it
and I don’t want to have it so that I have two faces and I glue them together
because I’m not so sure that two faces are going to be strong enough so I was
thinking of cutting the pieces in a puzzle piece so coming up with some type
of design just by sketching out here right there let me do a fee on here on
this you know you draw hit elf or the lanky
and I can do type of puzzle piece that’s interlocking anybody have any thoughts on it you you so we could slice this way but I might
want to do a fill it on these edges do from there I going to do from here you is to repeat we’ll just do the same thing on this one and then I can just use this pattern
along the whole thing you and I think I can use this as the
cutting tool read through it so that’ll be but then I
need so let’s say we do 240 milliliters here
we’ll get 20 40 milliliters oh yeah exactly what rivers saying cool
so we’re thinking alike and that should be construction and I’ll just keep repealing this let’s do a three-point rectangle so
we’re consistent here here q40 which I could use the repeat
function just do it this way and this last one should exceed the
length of it and then we’ll know exactly where we need to cut it yep so we’re good so we’ll just cut it
in these three spots I might want to shift it a little bit and shifted I alright this one we can cut in the
middle here let’s see if I can copy this B paste and put it down this way you you yeah I don’t want to cut and I
definitely want a solid piece to paste again yes I can’t look at that so now the question would be is this too
big so if I do that there can I measure from here to here
so what is I want to measure from this point up to this point
and I want the it’s greater than 250 but that’s at an
angle so I really would
the projection of the I can’t pull that down just try this
again from here you I live in carries life yeah that’s not working so let me draw a
construction line let’s go lay out of here now I got a point I can reference I take
my measurement again from this point to that point whoops Oh see it’s a little bit too long
so I got to pull them together all right let’s see what you’re saying River okay yeah I think it would and I’m gonna
glue them together right somebody is a CA glue you yeah so I could changed I could change
this drawing very easily for hell it’s going to interface this this keyway thing that recall let’s see so we have our first one here you got some room to play with you it’s very different design let’s project
onto this game then we’ll just start again just come at a slight angle this time you so now it’s not as pronounced so the
distance from here to here compared to this which was a lot larger yeah so like three compared to almost
eight millimeters tall you alright let’s try it you you I just grab this guy and slide on now
let’s drag him down all right so try this again you stitch repeat or as distance to 20 no notes that’s the distance me hmm oh we’re doing this by five maybe I need this to be fun all right so this is at the 220 mark
you and then we can shift this whole thing you but now this gives us leeway to to
change so it gives us an idea of where we can
start school because then they’ll have five
pieces on the on the printer but I could split this up exactly by
five a little bit better you you the one two three then I gotta work on this to see it can
edit the sketch stop the sketch in its couch so now I don’t know if I can do a
pattern of this well let me a good pattern is the same object I
think I tried that before just do copy/paste and we’ll move this this
direction by one lunch you know this is separate object I can
change it until four yeah okay we’re good yeah it’ll all fit and fit on the bed
you know because we are what’s the legs here you so we’re 50 millimeters I think with 210 – 10 is the maximum so I might want to
bring it down because we have five times this plus we
need distance between them right so that’ll be tight that way if you did it for yes it’s a little bit of thinking about
how it’s going to get laid out I think what I’m gonna do right now is
I’m gonna print this piece so I can at least have something I don’t know how
long this will take so let me get this started now so I got
that sliced let’s open up some octave crane you okay we’re warming up let’s save this
g-code overall length is 37 and a half inches
and the width is exactly 2 inches this is logo test I can load up load you oh that’s small look at those artifacts
though what is that what is it doing so strange two millimeters one hour oh that’s cool
it will take an hour the true so from the other night I did this the
design of the endcaps waiting for the hardware to come here it should be here
next week could be here tomorrow small chance so this is for the two extruded aluminum
pieces and then I have a second end cap that’ll be on the other side that’ll
maintain distance and I think I just need to design a couple little pieces
they won’t mount on the sides it extruded aluminum and come down leaving
a gap for the the bearing the linear bearing to slide through without hitting
hitting that but that’ll give some extra rigidity to the middle of the unit so
that it doesn’t flex and create any weird looking movements and the camera
as its traversing from one side to the other you as I don’t know what that was that it
just did there’s the hottest game like you just put a blob on the on the bed Oh so can I switch to yeah just had a blob
like you just place the blob right in the middle and you can see it right here
where it did it it was a it was right there that that movement right there
just strange time to heaven – me either I’m a glitch
in the software like it just doesn’t make sense that it
has that square there if anybody has an answer for that it would be horrible Ron I was using a
roller yeah it was taking enough oh yeah I am
gonna have to try a different laser so Jackman’s been using the kiss slicer I
said abandonware at this point or is it still maintained by the community I do
want to try five 3d try cure maybe cure had a new release
right so I’ll probably try that all right so
while that’s printing try to be productive we’re supposed to get
hammered with a nor’easter starting now it’s raining here now are
you supposed to get a lot of rain up there around cuz I know we’re supposed
to get two inches his legs are still maintained okay
that’s good to know all right so now I copy paste
over the sky this way yeah they want this to be a quicker way wonder if
there’s a program and capability of I can do something you scripts in a daze test script this is Python I just hit edit I don’t know what
happened installing this leader yeah it’s supposed to be thanks for
joining them ever sanely sure I’m gonna get it am i
working show in Secaucus tomorrow or Saturday and Sherry’s saying it’s
supposed to be 60 mile an hour winds or something and it would be so cool I’m gonna dig
into this it’ll be so cool if I can figure out how to it’d be nice if I can record something
record so what we have volume debug so this is only debugging all right it doesn’t offer the ability
to be cooled anywhere here is only Spyder for anything and wedding that’s
alright I’ll figure that out later although it’s hardly for now so you were like sixty degrees and now
you’re gonna get 12 inches bass waiter with yeah yeah you guys are
getting nailed over there what is it and then we were talking in chat today that
it’s like just miss no files or something that is insane by the way I’m drinking Jameson Irish whiskey crazy stuff alright so
bring this over this way one inch my light o’clock it’s not
this really isn’t god-awful painful I just have to do this 36 times or 30 I think it was 30 times I think
that’s what we were going for which I can tolerate this because I got EDD but
if I had to do this 255 times me like yeah I’m writing a script for this wait so your your
middle of where two fronts are meaning because usually that’s a major doo doo
because we have that yet happen here a lot when we have a nor’easter sometimes
it’s just a nor’easter on its own but then other times another storm happens
at the same time in the emerge right out of the Atlantic most of the time a
nor’easter is more damaging than a hurricane at least for us here so I did
not know this but you just type I in 4-inch and not even type number and
it’ll accept it as one so you don’t have to type one eye and you just type I am
just cool like that Oh make it do it this way and then do
two inches and paste these oh this is quicker three inches paste more so it’s
using the same object that I created yeah I like the top it seems like I get
so much to do though six inches and again what I’m working on
is a fishing ruler that I’m initially going to print in PLA and that might be
what we provide is the prototype but it’ll have to be something better like
PT jia things sixteen what I like about this is this
is exact like it’s just so awesome that I can do this and I’ll have to worry
about sitting there trying to placing it by hand it’s I’m typing this number and
it’s going exactly where I wanted to go Oh open that puppy you you that was not pretty you you you just a big blob Strait is pretty good no I just had a
blob it’s like it just spitting out some goop there but again I don’t like what
it was happening with the slicer I don’t know what my settings are in sittings you I don’t think your glue stick would
would be it because it was a blob that was sitting on top of the layer it was
as if it was deposited there it might be that this is I gotta say
this is cheap film it alright this is this is the $8 filament I got last year
I’m gonna give it another try you well it’s good that I was here because
I’m going to end up really destroying the pinda probe let’s check what advances there’s
anything in here Fleury let’s see anything it stands out yeah yes I may not be able to print with
this there was a big Club you you you I wonder if my I wonder if this thing is using like
like when I change the printhead I mean it made a mistake and did
something wrong when you picture this you flesh you you maybe the maybe the government’s not
tight enough and it’s leaking around the that could
be what’s happening you you you you you get a Red Room yeah he thought that’s
what it was under Ted what’s the maximum of the bit
thank you Yeah right that’s a little it’s a little
goop did you know different angle just deposited itself and I’ve been
noticing this and when I talked it down I talked to them 11.1 newton-metre I
might have to I might have to bring the torque wrench
back hand and torque it to like maybe two meters ooh you you you we’ve been keeping the trash bag here
trying to keep everything organized instead of just throwing the trash on
your desk you yeah each other soon yeah I got a watch they had a shot maybe
a shot in half tonight so that’s really enough for me I put that in the glasses
right yeah yeah I did tortilla Hadron torqued
it 1.1 nanometers when I was hot but I think the instructions say to maybe
could be wrong but that’s that a 3d printing area you know you hear
something that doesn’t sound right you’re like oh what’s going on probably when I do the slicing of these
pieces or the splitting with the key ways probably want to miss the number as far as in toes what I hate is when I miss a member miss
enough and you’re like crap what I do you no you yeah I think that’s the one yep do you
know Hampton yeah it’s gonna be some good times nice you know what do I have to give her
excursion so these guys who’s all in Haiti ones i
can extrude them upwards I can do this in one shot think I’m
doing half a millimeter it doesn’t make sense
I’ll give you a point four millimeters so food 0.4 today just the only that was weird
just doing the outline you see the hippo Ford let’s try to together should wait for the wizard Ellie I’m doing something wrong so the profile play also you this is me buddy he can hurt me start
changing yeah it’s like it’s not even
me doesn’t make sense you can isolate that profile that’s the problem it’s just the it’s
not even gonna come through yeah I wasn’t doing 25 because 25 doesn’t
really translate 3d printing because I’m gonna point to millimeter layers that’s
why I was doing point for he did point 6 man this is gonna drive me nuts and I
noticed there’s a problem with fusion 360 and doing letters or text boss any
text trading types let me try a different method try to push pull you I work I think yeah there we go
so weird that extrude just was not done and if you like the sketch you okay let’s undo that select a couple
this time yeah I agree that’s a better recruit
yeah number one we’re off it won’t break off purge I needed another button on my I switched
on my strength back so I can switch to this view tired pushing through though nobody
inhaled something that film you know when you when you pull the film anout it
forms these little little tiny strings that I want to I want to actually
inspect one of those under the USB later scoop you see how fine they are it’s
it’s fighter than a hair hey kool-aid burgers we get 17 got the
Nike then I have to do the other ones and different level that’s one more
selector here Oh how’d you get those big nut okay we’ll take the dog is it right they can
post the pictures on Twitter if you alright now I want to do the same thing
with any even numbers Johnny told me that uh they moved the
date up for infinity Wars anybody heard anything about it and I wonder why they would be after
concerned about some other movie being released or knowing about this here we further will do it this way from now then see what happens now so we do negative four I’m just duties before I make a mistake these are like too much Oh for me we are done
all right next thing is the lettering let’s see it up this guy it’s just good
most I think everything isn’t bosz looking
good it’s like a time schedule afraid I just verified I wonder if I could hit that I don’t
know if I’d hit it with a little bit of paint might be too small but you know
like they’ve seen a couple of videos where they take a syringe clean filming
okay that’s a little abrasive stuff maybe yeah it’s sticking now it’s just the
initial booth whatever it is you think it rollers it’s two inches
wide isn’t too wide maybe I can also print something that will that will flu so make it hollow slightly
hollow and I mean this whole thing itself might float if I don’t do it
solid maybe 20% infill there might be just enough where it’s more buoyant the
plastic itself might be boiling I’m not sure yeah
the a sheen off of the print looks really good it’s a person so I think
we’re good yeah it’s a 10% fill we’re at some
points where two millimeters 12 ordinary closes switch are five millimeters so
you have five layers that are solid six layers under solid on the bottom by
litter so that’s 2 millimeters so that means I got 3 milliliters of 10% since
though texture this is all right give me some more input on with it and wet hands
wet hands wet hand je okay now I get it so the smoothness
I could I could put a pattern on the outside here right it has to be a
repeating pattern it would like some bridges or something yeah I can see that
being an issue and then maybe the last one put a hole in here to put maybe put
a bobber on there or something there may be at least a place for it to hang one
of the maybe don’t have a hook like you know certainly in the galley if they had
that type of though otherwise leave this way than one of the compartments in the
side rails don’t do a little bit of playing with let’s save this first
before I want to play with the colorizing some rendering so see do not over to and there’s something I want to bring
for a pin there we go appearance and let’s say we’re telling this out of let’s just write blue for now you can just drag it there your nails
flew say you know everything is blue and then there is a way to get some weight
in here because I want to get a rendering of
this show the time so you do that one up there but it’s not
showing up when you share that or whatever all right you need to explain that me so
I’m up here yeah don’t you mean I’m ready give me like one of the quick
slaps or so let me check oh okay yes yes yes it’s like fix their based on
that flea don’t look at it it’s because it’s
constrained it’s not like collateral this is their constraint I can use food so if I may describe people equal to that okay that guy goes okay so now it’s
constrained yeah nope I was changing yet it’s not
changing the whole thing that’s what the problem is live coffee area saladboy
wouldn’t be as strong as possible so it’s probably better this way all right stuck this Olivia you I understand what you want names so
circle and you know what I’m wondering if
mm-hmm when I save this STL file if there was some object embedded in here
that the slicer is interpreting as something that it has to do so it may
not be the form of the slicer it could be something that’s like embedded in
this model of them I would have to look at the confirm how big is this is from here to here the radius is 4.5 so is that big enough so where do I draw that so is that too much material would it
work to be able to put the keyring through our landed through writing so
let’s see what you’re saying yeah it is dude that’s that it wasn’t awesome too so it’s this is this five millimeters
too far well what’s this this is really that’s really what I want to know it’s
$6 so you’re talking a quarter of an inch there’s a quarter of an inch too
much for teaching like if you got a random key chain probably okay so you’re
saying to do this like that close that close so easy and then of course is
saying the same way on the other I think that’s why you were saying the
triangle because we’re trying to maintain I got I was going to be like it
was just wasting time I just said did what you said we’ll do construction when one belly is actually too small
though scripts will feel uncomfortable to me let’s see how that works you ask you here in that construction and if I can square it with my pliers I
suppose you can strong right here Tiki look sure this that’s what you wanted in
the same time now you’re saying alright so you’re
saying for you this this is worse good you then I go this way you leave this over so you can see it with
your faces and when we free move that fades oh it’s not making the object
figure you he’s really worried all right so this is three point five
let’s go back to sketch convention is good in this case let’s change it to four point five change this good a four point four they
all did it automatically update and it did go so I don’t have to like redo
anything it was just really cool there’s a lot of places regular but 10%
infill might not be so bad yeah I don’t really know what size it’s
going to be again it’s gotta be okay you get you got to be able to pull the ring
far enough away to get it through it might be too small for a really clever
this thing is to push in little edgy thingies come on Mike don’t blink oh they were 3d printed on they were the
hooks that have a latch that imagine closing yeah I just want to figure out how to get the
Layden how do I add a light source this is all modeling stuff texture map controls workspace unlike autocad I can just in 3d minute I
could just add a point source for a light and shine it on the object and
give it whatever type of material let’s see in that get over here you so let’s see his appearance you so I’ll have to look at her wait Messier wait wait what do you mean
how they do it oh so this is how I do it so how you do
it so I wait now you’re talking about man
it’s so confusing are beans and then there’s do it it’s religious for
anything so we got to do it how I do it you don’t do it to it alright let me catch you up Matt aw
what’s going on so Leo you doin squad was here and we created a fishing or a
work using this logo keep mates sport fishing it’s a Facebook page make sure
you check it out and give them away tiny Poveglia of suck me this little guy
that’s the updated logo and if you remember I created this last time this
was their logo pretty to color 27y new logo okay yeah yeah so I need that let me
show you the tablecloth so this is
that was mine that’s my tablecloth part of it it’s not the whole thing
I think this is oh yeah this is the whole thing and the Texas in there you
just can’t see it because it’s a but that’s my weather stuff and it’s
actually black background there’s one place in here
yes any files in here so I’m just playing around with this
layout right now I need to add texture to the background and everything but
it’s a two and a half foot wide by eight foot twelve banner and depends upon how
many photos and logos I get it looks like they can do a turnaround time and
four days ship it to me so I need to I really need to have this done this week
I think we’re going to give them some time I know that was Sunday so what we were
playing that day was going to the woodworking show and Secaucus on
Saturday cherry informs me that the winds are gonna be for redness but makes
them given the try because the rain is actually supposed to be out of here by
then the last I checked only see because the alternative was for us to go the alternative was to go on Sunday
destructive nor’easter see what they say for ten days yeah see Saturday is like
there’s no rain so the rain moves out here so the heavy rain is tomorrow
Saturday it’s clear just windy not even that windy just shows 22 miles an hour
so I don’t think it’s that bad so there’s possibility I can do that
you see so yeah this is what I’m this is what I’m working on and I think I got
everybody’s logos who sent them to me it’ll really help me I’m gonna tell you
just just plain but this alone was taking me about 10 minutes for each logo
and that’s not even going hunting for Lowe’s and I think it took me about five
minutes the ten minutes for each logo getting it from Twitter because I think
most of them are sent in Twitter nothing that’s good before you ate yeah I think I think the rain is out of
here on Friday I don’t think it’s gonna rain anymore on Saturday which means
that we can go to the woodworking show because I want to want to connect with
all those people in woodworking so we’re good so yeah that’s what I’m working on so
send me there at the end or something is that uh Jim’s yeah twelve inches is
crazy I mean that’s what we would give like every five years or so we would get
a crazy storm alright so I think I’m gonna let me get a screenshot of this I really don’t like the camera so right
here are your screenshot well I’ll use that screenshot to the post on their Facebook so make sure
you’re checking them yeah thanks man Kate may sport fishing
on Facebook you’re gonna like hit my video with a like if you haven’t already
leave some parting comments because the hope that the engagement it’s just crazy
how much was slow those appreciate y’all sticking through this
even in the beginning when the stream was tough to get started it was really
painful to get started Matt it was just it was a horrible experience in the end
I ended up solving if I closing them Chrome which I did prior to starting on
the stream closed everything they all include Adobe I started it all up again
and I was fine yeah I was thinking about doing that
yeah cool so thanks everyone gonna end the stream on that note good times
everyone thank you so much you know what the logos coming out I can see a lot of detail in there to
make sure I get a picture of Ed and so that you can’t see it too well from that
angle anyway later

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