Working for Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol

Working for Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol

Whatever conceptions you have of our job wipe
it clean! I was attracted to a career with Queensland
and Boating and Fisheries as a patrol officer because I saw it as an opportunity to work
in a team-based environment, outdoors and really make a contribution to the state’s
waterways and protection of the ecosystems. Protecting our resources is really important
for me personally because I have a young daughter and I would love for her when she is older
and she wants to go fishing that she’s able to catch a fish for herself to take home to
eat. Growing up I was always an outdoorsy type
of girl fishing and boating with my dad and then going through school. Got my boat license there and went on to TAFE
and I did my fisheries compliance diploma. I’ve just known from a young age this is what
I wanted to do so I went out and did it. A good day at work for myself as patrol officer
would have to be working in a good team and a beautiful glassout day. For the best day that I had at work it was
a glass out August morning on the bay. We had responded to a complaint and we’d cut
a mono net off the Rufus King wreck. Coming back in we did a couple of recreational
inspections and on our way back to base in behind Saint Helena we saw a whale breech
out of the water and we went, oh this is going to be good. We just waited and then BOOM along comes this
humpback whale bigger than our boat. He just circled us and interacted with the
boat for about 20 minutes. Most surprising thing for a new employee starting
with Boating and Fisheries Patrol will be the variety of work that we undertake. One day I may be out off shore on a boat and
another day I’ll be in court prosecuting a matter and I might be doing surveillance on
the third day so I definitely enjoy the differences. As a field officer I probably spend sixty
to eighty per cent of my week on patrol outdoors. Some of that is offshore alongside vessels,
some of that is at boat ramps and vehicles conducting surveillance. I would normally interact with a number of
government agencies as well as members of the public, mum and dad fishes that you see
out on the water and of course a large number of commercial fishermen. One day we could be out on the dams, the next
day you could be offshore inspecting trawlers, the next thing you could be in the bay, the
next thing you could be crawling through mangroves chasing poachers so there’s just variety that
we encounter. I think for any new employees the start with
the department I think the most important thing or the thing they’ll enjoy the most
is just working in a team and working with lots of other good people that make an experience
really positive. I’m always doing something different. I never come to work thinking it’s going to
be a boring day and I’ve never woken up not one single morning and not wanted to come
to work and for me that’s a sign that I’m obviously enjoying my work.

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