Winchelsea & Pett Level in East Sussex – British shore fishing locations, South East Coast, England

One of the best places to access the Winchelsea
beaches is Dogs Hill Road. It’s very shallow here and local advice is
the ebb doesn’t fish so well, with the fish retreating to deeper water…although on low
water it does produce bass. A common tactic here is to fish the flood
and place your baits in the gullies you see here, then maybe fish an hour or two down. After Dogs Hill is one continuous stretch
of getting on two miles. The beach changes in nature as you go along,
starting clean then becoming snaggy. The stretch starts by the cafe at the Winchelsea
end, passes thru the Pett Level beaches then finishes at Pett Level village as we get on towards Cliff End. Free parking is all along the coast road and
there’s a series of steps to the beach. The reach by the cafe, marked by the orange
flag is all clean sand. Half mile further on you get to the ponds
and the ‘OK Corral’. The beach has now changed. You can see how far along we’ve moved as you
can just about make out the orange flag by the cafe in the distance. Locals tell me here lies the remains of an
old forest. There’s certainly some snags you need to avoid
and these humps are covered with the slippiest substance known to man-kind. Be careful of the sand here as well. You could be sinking down to your shins, especially
if you’ve got all your gear on your back. A few hundred yards further on overlooking
this layby the rough ground gets more extensive. Coming into Pett Level village now, there’s
sizeable gullies for you to try.

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