Why Two Anglers are Better than One in Fishing

Why Two Anglers are Better than One in Fishing

Jason: There are a few off to the side, and
couple on the bottom there. There’s more there, and there’s a bunch right there. See how they’re
all in a row on the bottom? That’s when I know they’re bass. Some of that is probably bass
too. Ya we’re about to jack them up. All right, I’m going to spin around here. I’ll probably
throw that swimbait. We’ll get off of them here a little bit and pretty much be casting
up on that flat there. Walker: I’m going to throw that football jig
and try to get some of those less aggressive bigger fish. See if we can’t trick some. Jason: All right, let’s see what happens here. Jason: I’m a fan of having two guys fishing
in the boat at once. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a big reservoir down south or on
a natural lake up north. The ability for one guy to be doing a presentation completely different
from the other guy is invaluable. You can cover so much more of the water column. You
can figure out the mood of the fish quicker with one guy dragging something slow maybe
out deep on an edge. Well another guy is out working more of an aggressive presentation
up higher in the water column with a spinnerbait, topwater, or whatever. Even out here one guy
can be throwing a crankbait or hoping a spoon. While the other guy can be draggling something
like a football jig or a big worm until one guy starts getting bite and then you can both
kind of dial in on the activity level of the fish. How they’re behaving, are they wanting
it moving fast, are they reacting to the bait or are they just kind of sneaking up behind
it while it’s crawling along and biting it when you get near a piece of cover or when
you get up on those clean hard spots. Walker: It can be really funny and ironic
how much you can learn from getting your butt kicked out of the back of your own boat. I
remember one time a couple years ago I had a co-angler in the back of my boat and I was
flippin’ a on jig on I believe it was 20-pound test flippin’ some pretty heavy cover with 20-pound fluorocarbon.
He was fishing the same jig on 16 pound fluorocarbon and I got a royal butt whooping like I have
never seen before. I mean he blew it out of the water, and I had like a little squeaker
limit. We weren’t doing anything different and we were casting at the same stuff, but
small little subtle things like that really make a big difference. Some people debate
whether that kind of small stuff matters and I promise you it does. So you’ve really got
to pay attention to what your co-angler is doing, what your pro is doing, or however
the layout is pay attention. See where they’re casting, see how they’re casting, see what
part of the water column they’re dissecting, and just keep trying something different until
you find something that works. Walker: There you go. Jason: There’s one on a swimbait. They’re
all about that same size. Walker: He choked it though didn’t he? Jason: Ya, I thought it hit bottom. I mean
you can’t even see the swimbait, that’s a small fish and a big swimbait.
They’re feeding good, but it’s just funny how many small ones are grouped up in here. That
will be a big one. Jason: From the tournament side you can learn
a lot just having someone in the back of the boat. Whether you’re fishing together as a
team, or if it’s a draw tournament and you’re a pro and you’ve got a co-angler in the back.
You may have found your fish doing one thing, and then you carry the co-angler along and
he is doing something completely different in those same areas and starts jacking them behind you. That’s
definitely an advantage and something you can pick up on. Maybe the mood of the fish
has changed, or where they’re positioned has changed, and you would have missed that not having
a guy in the back of the boat doing something different than what you were doing. So there
are lots of advantages to having more than one guy fishing in the boat.

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  • It also has it's disadvantages. But there is times like above when the guy in te back following ur moving bait up with a bottom bait can help. But being alone can help too. You can really do what you want and not hae to worry about positioning the boat so ur partner can fish too. Ex- paralleling rip rap, sea walls

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