Whitetop Laurel: A Summertime Fishing Destination

Whitetop Laurel: A Summertime Fishing Destination

Hey gang I’m Jason Hallacher, and on
this beautiful Virginia morning I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about
summertime trout fishing opportunities. Now I know it’s the dog days of summer
and you’re probably thinking about hanging up your fly rod for the year. But
before you do let me take you to a secret hot spot for summertime trout
fishing. It’s a bit of a drive but Whitetop Laurel is an incredible trout fishery and is listed by Trout Unlimited as one of the top 100 streams in the
United States. Trust me is worth the trip. Steve thanks a lot for having me down
today what a gorgeous day here right next to beautiful Whitetop Laurel. Tell
us what’s special about this fishery down here. Well Jason I’m glad you were
able to make it down the beautiful Southwest Virginia and we’re going to
talk a little bit about Whitetop Laurel and the opportunity that it offers
anglers to fish a large wild trout stream. This stream primarily consists of
a wild rainbow trout fishery but there is an opportunity for anglers to catch
brook trout as well as brown trout and in a large stream setting. The most of
the trout anglers are going to encounter here going to range between 9 and 11
inches in length. Although there are opportunities to catch fish that may may
reach sizes that are quite larger 15 16 inches. Nice now there’s a there’s a
couple different reaches in this stream tell us a little bit about the different
fishing opportunities that you have. Okay good point Jason up Whitetop Laurel has a little bit of something for everybody we’ve got several sections that are in
our designated stocked trout program where catchable trout are stocked eight
times throughout the period from October 1st through the end of May. And then we
also have two special regulation areas where single hook artificial lures only
are required and anglers are not allowed to use bait and you’ve got
an increased size limit. You know Steve one thing that I’m really
passionate about is access to these resources sometimes when you’re fishing
for these wild trout it can be really hard to hike back in and get to these
different spots but this place is really unique we’re right in the middle of
of the Mount Rogers recreational area there’s ton of the tons of amenities
here there’s parking there’s handicapped accessible fishing
there’s bathrooms we’re standing on the Virginia Creeper trail which parallels
the stream there’s mountain bikes going by us as we speak so there’s just tons
of ways for families to get together and recreate in the outdoors. There’s lots of
ways for you to load up a fly fly rod and bike down the trail to find your own
little secret spot and so it’s really a nicely laid out area. The other unique
thing is summer flows are great around here. You know in the valley where I’m
you know from its pool to pool right now it’s dry but in the summertime down here
this is the best time to fish this stream. So not only do you manage this
water but you also recreate yourself you to go out and fish some times. That’s always fun so let’s go down to the water and we can share some tips and tricks with the
folks out there and and go fishing on work time. that’s always fun! Okay let’s do it. Okay so let’s talk about a couple of
tricks to help you be successful trout fish and Whitetop Laurel in the
summertime. A lot of people have just kind of have that go-to mentality they
want to dry fly fish. They want to fish with a terrestrial and that’s fine but
sometimes circumstances if you want to catch fish you need to do something
different. Well don’t overlook nymphing
can be highly successful through the summer in under certain situations. And
what I try to do the fish aren’t actively feeding on the surface a lot of
times my go-to will be to use a nymph rig where I have a dropper system. I have
a smaller nymph down on the lower end of my tippet, and then six to ten inches
above that I may have a slightly larger nymph and then I’ll rig it up with a
strike indicator of some sort just so if a fish does hit I can I can get a quick
hook set on it. Another thing to keep in mind is that Whitetop and a lot of the mountain streams can become very low and clear in the summertime. And so
stealth becomes important. It helps to approach from downstream so that you’re
staying out of the fish’s field of view since they’re facing mostly upstream and
the current. Staying low and just walking quietly. And if it becomes really low you
can replace your strike indicator in the nymph rig with a fly that imitates a
terrestrial insect something like an ant or a beetle or a grasshopper if you have
open field grassy areas. Then you can drop a small nymph off the bottom of
that and still catch fish below the surface. What an incredible day spent in the outdoors. We hope these tips help you achieve success on your next fishing
adventure. Thanks for watching and remember to go outdoors Virginia. you

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4 thoughts on “Whitetop Laurel: A Summertime Fishing Destination”

  • I’d like to know where the elk shown in this video actually were filmed. Since I was told by DGIF that there would never be elk in this area because of the Christmas tree farms. I live here and have never seen one around Whitetop.

  • I am currently working on a blog post about fly fishing Whitetop Laurel. Although I do agree that it is a fantastic trout stream, one of the best, I do not think the optimal time to fish this creek is in the middle summer, especially during a low-precipitation type of summer. Smith River, which is a tailwater in Virginia, might be a better bet for such low-water conditions, and other tailwaters, too.

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