Went Magnet Fishing At A Rural Country Bridge & This is what I found!!

alright guys welcome back to the episode
I did bring the 3500 pound pool magnet today the big old beast I just want to
tell everyone thank you for 10,000 subscribers so let’s go ahead and get
the show started so we can’t find anything I think I got something guys something
pretty big I’m pulling it too tight take our time
so don’t come off oh this is big – hope it’s nothing but
don’t be mud come on stay on there yeah I think it fell off come on come on
come on come on Oh what is that what is this thing does
anybody knows what this is let me know down in the comments oh we got something just like an old gas cap to something
that for sure what is that what the heck is that there’s anything
like that before the thingy buddy definitely knows what
this thing could be well say he’s got ball and turns definitely let me know
down in the comments we got so we got a little fishing lure right here got
something on there it’s a old fishing rod handle so we got on there it’s
barely on there too not for sure what that is
anybody knows what this goes to just let me know down in the comments something
else we add to the bucket Oh guys I just got here look what I just
found hold on my toes car drives by oh we got something on here too I think
nobody died but look what does any pay attention I just found these somebody
must have left him here look at the Hat it’s like someone lost a pair of
sunglasses definitely I don’t do the bucket what’s that so we got some wire
or something by Tibet spring yeah some more mud
oh we do got something is that some piece of metal I’ll leave that like a
big old fly head screwdriver Oh piece of rebar typical magnificient
fine right here add that to the bucket oh my alright guys so this hooked onto
something I’m gonna pull real slow got something oh yeah look at that guy’s he’s gonna little rock too bad it wasn’t
an asteroid I’d be rich right now oh we got something that say we got a big old
frisbee little tire seriously hey we drop that in every way
we’ll try get it out there’s I need to be in the water oh all right guys it’s got the tire out
of the water I think he’s been in there for a while got a bag see what’s in the bag
oh look at that little baby catfish no he’s okay we’ll go ahead throw him back
in the water now today it’s one of our first finds today was this fishing lure
not really for sure what that is looks like some type of gear to something did
fine these these were just sitting here looks like someone left them behind
while they were fishing today more likely did fine it looks like it’s a gas
cap to something it’s not a spring more likely to a bed mattress to final pair
of sunglasses looks like I did find this I say it’s a big old screwdriver fly
head or something not for sure piece of wire not really for sure what
this goes to anyone knows what this is just let me know down in the comments definitely don’t know what this is if
you know what this thing could be just let me know did fine fishing reel handle
piece of rebar typical magnet fine did find this big wall rock I was hoping as
an asteroid but somehow I got hooked onto the gravel hook alright guys take a
look at this stuff I found did pull his tire out it was a good thing we got out
of the water that’s no good for the water pulled this junk piece of a tire I
also got that out did find his bag which had a baby
catfish inside it that’s why you don’t want to pollute anyways I hope you all
enjoy today’s episode make sure you that subscribe button and thank you so much
for 10,000 subscribers I really appreciate it I see you on next video
thank you for watching

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