We NEVER thought we would ever catch such a creepy thing in the pond Magnet Fishing!!!

We NEVER thought we would ever catch such a creepy thing in the pond Magnet Fishing!!!

what is going on I have driven down to
Virginia Lake solo Leanna is not here with me she’s at work
adulting, sorry Leanna sorry uh like I said we’re at Virginia Lake I’m going to
be magnet fishing the dock here I didn’t even know there was a dock I used to
literally live like a half a mile from here
when I was a child had no idea that was a dock here I just came here to
magnet the pond and lo and behold… A dock that’s pretty cool MUSIC what did I find? What are you? what in tarnation’s is that? Some of things fisherman’s use kinda blow my mind… I have…
why would…??? I wonder if that worked maybe not cuz it’s in the water I seriously found a metal grate I will put that back in there you believe that belongs in there I think I found it again it’s
super heavy I’m just gonna pull it out if I can yeah here it is maybe doesn’t belong in there don’t know
what that is very weird whoo I have only been here for about 20
minutes maybe even less and I caught a knife or I think it’s a knife what is it
called like a swiss army thing here I’ll show you guys and I found that weird
grate thing hold please this thing yep found this pulled this up and found that
weird grate thing I I thought it was part of the the pond but it is not it
has like “good” and “bad” on it maybe it is part of the pond maybe I’ll just leave
it here and they can discern for themselves whether or not it belongs to
the water or not but my magnet keeps picking it up because my muscular
magnetics magnet is a beast so so yes so the (stammers)that big giant thing
that I pulled out of the water that had grate,crate or grate on it what was
connected to a bonafide Ouija board ain’t playing I’m about to show it to
you here be, there it is do you see it I hope you see it because I ain’t taking home
with me nah I’m not taking her home it’s not
gonna happen somebody got scared witless and threw it
in the water with grate stuck to it that’s some scared stuff right there
somebody was real real scared just like I am so yeah let’s see how that goes the Ouija board can you believe it
I mean like you know what I’m gonna do I am going to call Ingrid! see if she wants
it that’s how creepy she likes that she
just likes that creepy stuff Me on the other hand not so much so this little homie decided to drive
back down to Carson City and leave Virginia Lake behind with its creepy
Ouija board that I tossed to the side and um
bye-bye Ouija board please don’t follow me home please please stay at Virginia Lake
like where are you belong I called up my friend Stephanie she’s gonna meet me
here later she’s gonna go fishing I’m gonna go magnet fishing she’s gonna
use all of the items that MagNet.O has ever found I shouldn’t say that she’s
gonna use a majority of the things because we’ve caught a lot the lures the
hooks the fishing poles the bait everything that she’s gonna go fishing
with today is going to be from the items that we have caught so that’s gonna be
interesting to see what she gets let’s see what happens
hello guys this is MagNeat.o, I’m Stephanie I’m here with Casondra today she’s
holding the camera so this is one of the poles we found in a pond as you can see
it wasn’t in there long because it’s not rusted or anything has a lure one which we’re gonna try today so here are the things that we have caught in a
pond and we’re gonna see if we can try to catch a fish today with some of these
things so here are the lures that I’m gonna try today mostly some of these
these are the perfect lures for this type of fish we’re gonna we’re gonna get
trout today rainbow trout and these are the lures you kind of want to use so as
you can see they’re not that big I am gonna be squishing the barbs down
because I don’t want the fish to get too caught up caught in the with the lures
it’s gonna be too hard for me to remove them if I catch one so these are the
ones I’m gonna use today I’m including the one that’s on the fishing rod and
we’ll see what happens from there I do want to talk about how this is super
cool is we had a good friend named Brooke who
gave us a couple things and one of the special things that she gave us is this
so this is pretty old this is um this is what’s gonna help us see how how much
the fish weighs so once we put that through the gill we’ll be able to know
how much it is and then it has a measuring tape to see how long it is so
it’s pretty cool so we’re gonna try that I’m hoping to catch one and we can
use that to our friend Brooke and here is one of the lures she gave us so
we’re gonna try that one out it’s brand new she gave that to us so we do want to
try that out and see how that works out but I’ll use that end and then thanks
to Casondra for catching some some bait we’re gonna try that out but we’ll do
that at the end cuz I fish here a couple of times these are pretty easy to catch
so we’ll try to see how that goes alright the rod works, that’s good for starters they are already nibbling on it she caught a fish! look at it is it
gorgeous isn’t he nice rainbow trout Now that I catch them it’s like [the fish say]
“don’t want to tell you but there’s free food but be careful” and then all
of them start hanging out and i catch them wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the
same one he didn’t learn his lesson, guess he was hungry so, that’s going to wrap up our day today
um it’s been a really crazy day I’m really really happy that
stephanie was able to come out with me to the pond and catch things with the
fishing equipment that we caught in the pond it just kind of goes to show that
you don’t really need ever need to buy fishing equipment ever again as long as
you just buy a magnet spend a couple hours magnet fishing and you literally
have an entire tackle box box full of stuff that you can use for fishing I
also wanted to say that everybody in the East Coast are savages because it’s been
raining here and humid and muggy and I can’t handle it I don’t know how you
guys do it on daily basis props props to you the Ouija board was again a nice
little [mouth clicking] to my day until next time guys this is MagNet.O

10 thoughts on “We NEVER thought we would ever catch such a creepy thing in the pond Magnet Fishing!!!”

  • That Guija board was probably part of a bad spell. When I was 15, I found one by a garbage dump and took it home. A spiritualist told me to dump it immediately for it was part of a curse. I got so scared that dumped it back to the same place I found it.

  • Top video, that swiss army knife is nice, that ouija board is freaky, bet someone enjoyed throwing that in. Love the vids. Stephs fishing part was good too. 👍🇬🇧

  • New supporter here. I am just outside of Winnemucca. I'm jealous that you find things while magnet fishing. I havent been to Virginia Lake yet. Good video!

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