Wait, what? Cheap, powerful magnet for .22LR

Wait, what? Cheap, powerful magnet for .22LR

I once dropped a thread protector while attaching
a suppressor to a .22LR pistol. Imagine trying to find something like that after a rainy
day when the leaves & the pine needles have fallen. That’s why I carry a small but powerful
magnet with me to quickly pick up the things that I drop when I’m out plinking. And magnets
are coming up next on Mostly22LR. Hey everybody, Rob Rosenberger here for
Mostly22LR. Harbor Freight charges $2-3 for a magnet with 30 lbs of pull. That’s more
than enough to find a thread protector or other small steel item if you know roughly
where it dropped. But hey! You can get a magnet with 150 lbs of pull for under $10. The only
question is, how large of a magnet are you willing to carry around? You might
want to tie a cord to your magnet so you can quickly sweep an area looking for
your lost trinket. It beats getting on your knees and sweeping the magnet around by hand.
And remember: magnets only work on things made out of steel. Not brass, not copper,
and not aluminum. So, what have we learned today? Well, we’ve learned one more way you
can defeat Murphy when Murphy’s Law strikes. I’m Rob Rosenberger for
Mostly22LR. And remember: .22LR is real ammunition.
Treat it as such.

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4 thoughts on “Wait, what? Cheap, powerful magnet for .22LR”

  • How many times could I have used such a tool in a wooded or grassy area. I'll look for such a magnet. Thanks for the suggestion and video.

  • the 250 lbs pull is only like $12. Plus if you dont like someone just set that big o'l magnet down next to their phone or laptop in something like a phone case or sunglasses case for awhile n POOF: no more memory in that electronic device!

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