Using RO Water In Freshwater Aquarium- Cutting With RO or RO/DI

Using RO Water In Freshwater Aquarium- Cutting With RO or RO/DI

Hey guys, Devon here from American Aquarium,
how you doing? Question of the day is, what is cutting with
RO water? Or using RO water in a planted tank set-up
and how do you do it? How do you go about getting it started? And whats the best recommendations for that? Well this is really depending on so many variables,
but I want to give you a starting point that’s what we recommend. Some people will just jump out of the gate
and use 50 percent or more, some people use like a 100% RO water and long term, it’s going
to be real hard to keep that water stable/ These RO units are going to be meant to cut
your KH, GH, and indirectly pH. But here’s your best bet when starting with
RO water, is going to actually be using about 75 percent of your tap water and 25 percent
of this RO water, cutting it, as in using 25% of your RO and then seeing how your numbers
lie after that after 25 percent. After you get an idea of how you’re numbers
are going to swing, depending on what you’re looking for, then you can increase a little
more or maybe even a little less depending, but really in most cases, most people will
not need to cut more than 50 percent of their tap water with their RO water. So, that’s our best recommendation, start
at a 25/75 blend and work your way through depending on what kind of parameters that
you want. If you want more information on what we recommend,
where you need to have your KH, GH, or pH sits, take a look at the information below. There’s just so much more I’ll be providing
to you. Of course take a look at the TMC RO units
if your interested in cutting your water. lot of set-ups don’t required, so don’t feel
like you have too, but there’s a few cases where you can or need to, saltwater is going
to be one of them, high tech planted tank will be another if your really trying to get
some fancy plants in there and some real weird city water issues. Take a look at the information for a lot lot
lot more indepth on this. Appreciate it. Hope you guys like the questions of the day. Like, subscribe, share with your friends,
you know the whole bit and whole deal, ask your questions of course. Cool. Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks

8 thoughts on “Using RO Water In Freshwater Aquarium- Cutting With RO or RO/DI”

  • Ok, so I have a planted tank and I wanted to add fish that are happy in 6-7.5 ph and my tap is running 8.0-8.5 and tds around 450 usually. I have plants and some wood and substrate to drop the ph and it stays at like 8 in my tank. I then started cutting like 80% and my tank was at 7.6 super annoying. Don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna go 100% ro water cause I feel it’ll be bad for my tank. Try more wood? Try I chemical additive? Idk

  • I have a tank full of discus and I bought an RODI unit with the idea that I wanted to provide them with the BEST possible water quality. My tap water is municiple water and is full of Chlorine and Chloromines and is hard as all get out. Every blog I read talks about cuting the RODI water with tap water to add back some buffering capacity and necessary trace elements. For my situation adding tap water back to the RODI would completely defeat the purpose of having it in the first place. I have been adding Seachem's "Replinish" to the RODI water to remineralize back to a TDH of 185ppm. This works but does not seem to have any buffering capacity as my pH is urrently ranging between 3 – 4.2… I would ike to get the pH stable at as close to 6 as possible.

    Any Advice on how I can get this done would be extremely appreciated. I am not a chemist so detailed instruction would also be appreciated


  • i have alot of chlorine in my tap water, if i cut with RO then do i have to treat my tap water? or just mix it before i add it to my tank?

  • hi, I recently bought a 20-gallon fish tank, My tap water has TDS of 560(very hard ) … I have a few plants (Buce,java fern ,anubias )and a betta fish…
    My question is " Is this level of TDS safe for betta fish and plants ?? "
    If not what is the desired TDS for betta and plants ??
    Your advice would be really helpful ..!!

  • This was just the information I was looking for, enough to get me in the right direction. Thanks so much for sharing, please make more videos.

  • After cycling stay ammonia .25 ppm and nitrate 5.00 ppm. I test tab water ammonia .25 ppm and nitrate 5.00 ppm so instead diluting in water changes I am adding. Will RO help with ammonia and nitrate?

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