Urban Ultra Light Trout Fishing using Lures

Urban Ultra Light Trout Fishing using Lures

You’re asking for it Yeah She’s good. Why she’s gonna come dude. He’s gonna come look. He’s good. Dude, dude, dude, dude. He’s Dude, dude this put the camera in the water. Oh, he’s gonna go he’s gonna do it. Dude. Hold it. Hold it He’s he’s gonna hit it. He’s gonna hit it. He’s gonna hit it right there. Dude. He’s looking at it. He’s looking at it, dude Hey, let’s get bit for these Trotter. Oh, there’s a big bass right here, bro Got one fish on dude I make sure there dude no stuff, bro You want them like that, I’ll just let me go And if he gets off whatever Like my pet like my pet Chow and I say, okay, here we go Guys guys, what’s up man? No skunk today Huh good splash though. Nice. Nice. Like what is this one and a half pounds on the pink? I don’t know if this is the hot pink but I think it’s like the Marilyn Monroe pink to me fifties pink But we’re gonna let this guy go Get my hook back and This guy This guy Will hopefully swim away There you go. Buddy. Turn up. Turn up. Turn up. Turn up. There you go. There you go Look, there’s another one too Dang dude, I freaking just fed him. Oh man. I should have thrown the bitch out further. You know what though? You’re welcome. I just need a little four pounder into a little six pounder What was it what was he on? on the crank On the jig yo, dude, what’s up? There you go. Grab him dude grab him by the lips. There you go, bro. What’s up, man? Slow roll. Yeah, get your bro. You gonna don’t tell me that’s your first one No There you go, right you did nice Let’s go for the release here Oh Right on Good job, man. That’s what it’s all about right there man. It’s what happens when you go fishing, dude You got your fish once in a while Got another one dude, sometimes you catch two one one and then the other one gets off So much distance, you know like the slack you got to take up in order to set that hook. Oh that dude was far Got one dude, he’s that one this is that big one that cruised by This guy fight, okay Like a bass might take it dude like the bass are getting all excited bro. Yo, you want me freak him out I’ll freak the bass out, dude. Oh he got off It’s okay. I was gonna release him number two landed guys at Sal and got three bites. This pink is killing it though Oh, Missed it Dude, they keep on missing hole. Dude. Someone’s getting taken in boom Look at that. Oh ain’t no joke, dude Yeah, a couple just really release them, oh, yeah you got this for thank you have a good day and be safe Dang man the bite is done for me. I gotta go. I’m like way over my schedule dude So what is it? Is it new its new? No, get out of him. Hello late Yeah, see I told myself 10 o’clock, but lose the last cast man last cast last for two hours It does last cast here you go last cast it’s the last one God another one, dude Some fortuity Okay, thank you man You see that dude chump, man dang man It’s about time took forever Please can I get a few more last cast? They starting to buy if there’s a certified I might have a couple more. Oh, that’s refreshing Thank you very much. Mr. Trout all he’s a beautiful trout though What’s up guys check them out man actually released today man number four got a bunch of bytes couldn’t set him Come on buddy There you go, there you go he’s going oh look at the bass he’s like, where’d you go? Oh You get out of here man before the bass hits you okay, maybe we’ll say for just a little bit longer now Don’t need to eat eating is overrated man And there’s a guy down the ways like hey, can you sell me some spoot some ken spoons? Oh my girl retail establishment, man Like how bad you want it? No, I’m 200% markup man I got Yo guys, what’s up, man? Just came through after I dropped off my kid at school and had an awesome time got a bunch of bites today, man. And Except the hook. That’s how it is though. Sometimes that fish is pretty far away and you have all that slack and even if though Even though you can’t crap out of it The hook is just not penetrating their lip, or they spit it out. But man we had a fantastic day guys It’s not–there’s no pressure. There’s there’s no there’s no pressure Who did who sebastian dan dude really? but would he throw at it a Real worm. Oh dude, that that little kid kills if he’s the loser. Those are the local kids man Yeah, right on the corner to here everyday man, they know what’s up you get it oh There you go you got this food, how are you doing brother They’re supposed to put some petition today inspirational man. We are all here this morning I’m throwing Kent spoon. Oh Yeah, that’s the that’s our mascot you guys get any This is the males, huh? Yeah, the females are tough dude. Oh, yeah. I fed that one with a trout Hey, I heard you just took your space bro, okay He’s giving you a hard time dude you freaking vascular Good for you Sebastian Oh Fish on dude, what’s oh, that’s right. That’s how you do it. Dang bro. Was that three cast man? Yeah, baby watch let me get a bass now a four pound dude look look wish the bass hat Where’s the bass up? Whoa, let’s go, baby You want you on it, bro you want it I’ll pull up man. I won’t miss I That was crazy. Oh, I tried bro catch and release Well, we know what we know they’re out there man, dang third cat third castle man Dude yeah, man, I see that’s like to pour two pounds man. Nice, dude I told you to Jake just more Nice dude, oh you let him throw there nine Yells while I was naming them all this morning give them all names Just Fred. There’s Maria. Just Coco. Coco is over there Billy Bob’s over here Oh Number six guys, that’s what’s up number six for the day Yeah, man, take it home, bro. Oh He’s a fatty here he comes We’re okay, okay. Here you go, buddy There you go. Hey, let me take a picture of them though yo, what’s up guys Hmm on the red at sunset we came off That’s what’s up guys little pounder little pounder Hey, would you take a picture of me, bro? Let me stick it out further house is bigger And you come closer to then come closer make it lit Make it look like it’s HEC a big focus on on it. You got it Oh Yeah when you put it in or if you throw them I wouldn’t throw it out there that far he will eat it She’s good why she’s gonna come dude, he’s gonna come look he’s good. Dude, dude, dude, dude. He’s Dude, do this put the camera in the water? Oh, he’s gonna go he’s gonna do it. Dude. Hold it. Hold it He’s he’s gonna hit it. He’s gonna hit it. He’s gonna hit it right there. Dude. He’s looking at it. He’s looking at it, dude He’s still going for it. Look he’s looking at it Doo-doo-doo he’s gonna come up right there PVC get a head first Oh, yeah, yeah you bet he wants to hit it Geo what’s up guys came back right before dinner and hooked up to two more man We’re ending our day here at Lake Thomas cow. Thank you for watching guys. Hit that subscribe button punch that like button Leave me a comment below. Let me know. What’s up guys. Later

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  • Where is Ken at? I want my spoon lures too 😂. Its so nice when you fish with nice people 😬 keep up the good work Mr. SuperDuper.

  • Yo SDO, them Suburban Trout spoons are in high demand!! You keep catching them trouts on the spoons and producing these great videos, you're gonna need a % of the sales. You're on the unofficial marketing team! LOL! Shhhhhhh…… you hear that?! That's the trout whisperer!!

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