Urban Māori control over fisheries fund weakens

Not everyone is happy about the
retention of Te Ohu Kaimoana Trust. John Tamihere and Willie Jackson
were at the hui making the case for urban Maori
organisations to receive a share of the funding and resources
from Te Ohu Kaimoana Trust so they are in a stronger position to assist and look after
urban Maori. In the end they were unsuccessful. Raniera Harrison with this report. The axe has fallen upon
the Maori urban authorities, losing control over $20 million. We’re saddened
because they have forgotten the majority of Maori in New Zealand
live in urban centres. They’ve forgotten that. The $20 million being discussed is of Te Ohu Kaimoana
to cater to urban Maori. However, due to the vote today, the directives and director
of that fund has now changed and been given to the tribes, not to urban Maori authorities
such as NUMA. And they are challenging that, and it seems a court battle
is not far away. They may want to take it to court,
and that’s fine with us. That’s where we are now. Yet there seems to be a somewhat
unpleasant undercurrent, leaving the urban Maori
grasping for more. However, Sonny Tau says the monies
are sourced from iwi treaty claims, which are only with iwi. They are a group born
within the Government. They fed them for the benefits
of our people in the towns, supposedly it should be
the Government funding them. An excuse that does not sit well with the head of Auckland-based
Te Whanau o Waipareira. Jackson and Tamihere
will now return to Auckland to decide what is
their best way forward. Raniera Harrison, Te Karere.

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