Upper Skagit Baker River Sockeye Fishery 2015

My name is Scott Schuyler. I’m the policy representative for the Upper Skagit Indian Tribe. This is the most important fishery for the Upper Skagit. The fishery is located at our ancestral
village site of the Sbalikwh village, which is located right at the mouth of
the Baker in Concrete, Washington. The village was actually a palisaded
fortified village to keep people out of it and our ancestors occupied this
village for thousands of years prior to a treaty time. So it’s really important
for our members to connect with our history and our young people to have the
opportunity to fish at this location and catch the sockeye like their ancestors
did. Now this fishery is made possible by the relicensing negotiations with Puget Sound Energy. This is one of the few success stories that is occurring today Our members are partaking in this hatchery program fishery that’s ongoing and actually increasing every year while many of the other fisheries are declining because of habitat issues, environmental issues, but the hatchery
program is continuing to go strong and increase as time goes by.

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