Unbelievable find Metal Detecting UK Whats in the package…drugs?  Mudlarking & beachcombing

Unbelievable find Metal Detecting UK Whats in the package…drugs? Mudlarking & beachcombing

intro morning guys how are we back out again on dumbarton castle foreshore going to give the foreshore a go today out today got 3 people with me looking for bullets took them on to the firing range and hoepfull it will turn out some nice bullets im going to follow in there footsteps there all using the garret it struggles on wet beach falses a lot i was saying to them cannon balls can be found with the machine they use ive never found one on here but told them to dig any iron signal in my view it could be a cannon ball only ever seen 3 come out of here so they are away out to give it a go in eh hopefully we will find something right ill get back to use on the first hit so i was just digging and digging away look closely at fist when i seen it i thought it was just a bit of bomb shrapnel an as i scrapped and scrapped i saw two faces coming up a silvery colour could be silver i have no idea what that is can you see the two faces hope you guys can see it ok wow i will get that cleaned up for the round up and give use a better look at it guys i just dug that its an 84 enfield bullet there you go that came up as a 45 i think its a two ringer bullet yep there you go a two ringer and that was a 45 there you go just dug that a 53 and its an enfield ill just clean it and find out yeah just an enfield bullet there you go so guys my machine picked up a signal what do we have here…? man i dont mean this to sound a bad way possibly could be a dunno in my experience that could be a drugs package i have no idea possibly a wrapped up phone in that two seconds im going to unwrap it and find out so ive just found that package and im going to head over cause i want to open it in front of them because if it is a drugs package ill have to go to the police so i just witness me open it just going to walk over to one of the guys and open it and see what we find i just opened what i thought was a package it was buried beside the wheel its been buried to mimic a hoard but its another metal detectorists finds weve got a timber lock medallion? part of a horse harness or something what looks like a chess seal doubt it is lead button pennys and half penny’s all victorian caledonia railway button oldskool 10 and a black berry phone cracked along with a sim card that doesnt fit the phone thats a bizarre find just bizarre i dunno why anybody would bury this bizzarre done to mimic a hoard obviously the machine will give off a great signal strange one never found anything like that here before when a first saw it i thought it was a drugs package thats why i opened it in front of one of the guys incase it was a drugs package a had a witness bizzarre bizarre find going to move on and ill catch use on the next find just dug that its an 83 and i think it s another enfield there you go enfield bullett who says the deus doesnt go deep for bullets that is a fair bit down here its here and enfield bullett there you go woo hoo guys its an 85 think its a coin yeah its a good one as well george III penny give me two seconds ill give it a clean george III penny just got a 74 musket ball just dug that a 60 two ringer slightly bigger than the last one just dug that an 85 part of a ww2 bomb

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