Ultralight FIshing: Joran ini memang selalu membuat deg-degan

Ultralight FIshing: Joran ini memang selalu membuat deg-degan

Karet Pentil Fishing Notes N0. 056 Apparently … fishing alone is no friend Fishing again? Where are you going fishing today? Fishing again On the spot of a million pufferfish bro Alone There are no friends Cold bro high tide Last night it rained Finally the former drought looks like that Well … you’re fishing alone … single fighter like that First … you try mini minnow bait Throw a bat bet no one eats it Well … habit in this spot If you bet no one eats bat replace spinner Bait which is rather killer in this spot See … fish Grouper Endeskok Spinner is great Spinner … great Using this spinner is rather strange If it is thrown … it’s far Like everything across the sea But usually it strikes in front of you Where is the fish? Wow … endeskok … pretty top bro What fish? Grouper Right? It was eaten by a small grouper … the rod immediately curved abysmally It is indeed fishing rod Well … this is the replay I love it when I see your rod mess up Left right left right like that Endeskok … rather large … loose It’s afternoon … tomorrow’s fishing again huh Fishing again … there are already two people there bro And another hiding on the edge I don’t know what it’s called I got fish like that Already brought a container Got it, bro? Not yet, mas That’s the one in front of Mas Lanjar What strike is Njar? Only two sirs What bait? Spinner It’s a fierce spinner here Endeskok … endeskok … great soul bro Spinner is great … but Njar A little big … rather big bro A little big … rather big … Long time no issued that sentence If it gets small the sentence doesn’t come out Bloody bro Where is your container? Endeskok … bro … bro … Yuemersome Spinner bro I haven’t photographed Njar fish That was not yet photographed Take a photo first Endeskok … great bro Geez … getting stuck bro Bro, bro Take it easy sir … just relax sir Control … control … control … Little bro My friend is overreacting I didn’t record it Mir … recorded watch you! Well … that’s mas Amir Look clear huh

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