Welcome back to the episode guys. We are back at the Mississippi River. I brought the 3600 pound pool magnets So stick around it’s gonna be a great episode Hopefully one of these days I’ll actually find a real treasure out here. Oh we got something on there some stick Look at that guy’s look all these shavings that’s on there. Holy cow freakin crazy the stuff that comes out of the river a Lot of people ask me what I’ve been doing with all my junk. I’ve been finding Well, actually I take it all home. I got a big old pile Behind my house that I save it all the way and look at that Freaking nuts just loaded full of junk guys Come on show me some rusty gold, please find something cool today Look what we got Wow check out that Look at all these gears and everything. I don’t know what that is Anybody knows that something like this could be used for let me know down the comments Also, it looks like a old chain something we’ll definitely add to the bucket Be metal of the day. I haven’t found really a whole lot there’s a bunch of little stuff like look, oh This is kind of cool, maybe that’s the old Handle to ship baby. Everybody knows that goes to let me know down in the comments Also found this thing some type of I don’t know what that is. Well, it’s every throw here at the river You always find something rather. It’s a bolt or something cool. You just never know. I mean look at this stuff There’s a bunch of junk shaving some ring oh That’s a it’s a drill bit. That’s kind of cool, I guess Yeah, some of these items that were pulling up could be over a hundred years old You just never know what you’re gonna find here. I mean little hook Oh oh-ho barely on there – Look at that guy’s like a a Ring of some sorts and some other pieces of metal. I’m never sure we have to stuff this So let me know down in comments. If you guys know what any of this stuff is me. I’m really liking this spot guys There’s a lot of sand right here or mud. I’m not gonna hung up on rocks. Like I normally do. Oh Look at that Not for sure what that is Anyone say some on the other side look at that junk guys tons of it Yeah, if anybody’s brand-new to my shows, she’s your first time watching gonna hit that subscribe button. It really helped out a lot Look at that guys some other piece of metal not really for sure a whole bunch of shavings like normal May I’m just not feeling anything today nothing heavy Oh, we got a couple Thanks Solve the piece of steel and This loads a full of other junk on here a little spring. Nothing special more junk Yeah, it’s hard to imagine this river ever being cleaned up. It’s so dirty. Look at it. Holy cow Look at that That’s freakin crazy Bolts pieces of metal some ring not much on the other side some wire that’s freakin nuts So I got something big on here it feels like it’s sinking in the mud Hopefully I got something big. I don’t found anything big yet today. Ah Nothing big but look at this What don’t this is like oh how did that stick on there huh? That must be a metal ring on this or something I don’t know what this is it’s like plastic Well, there’s a piece of metal stuck in there. That’s why They’re not ring and some other pieces of scrap metal Yeah, make sure y’all smash that like button man, I definitely could use the likes on these videos So don’t forget to hit the like button Look at this. Oh Man, look at all this little junk This is loaded. Yeah, I honestly believe magnets are gonna change the world We’re gonna save it doing all this magnet fishing. Oh Yeah, what’d we get here look at that I Don’t know what that is, that’s some type of a pointy piece of metal Come on would we get Oh, Barely, I think it’s barely on there. Look at that Some piece of junk metal. It’s getting dark guys. I’m about to go ahead and wrap it up. This is gonna be my last throw Cuz my GoPro don’t show very good at night. Uh, we didn’t get nothin really neither. There’s another big solid piece of metal Hi guys, take a look what we found real quick found some junk piece of metal like a whole bolt Maybe a piece to a gear Not really for sure what this says got a little bit of paint left on it. I Think this is – like old strap. I Think this might be – like a window pulley. See there’s like a little circle thing right there So it might be like a to old window big square scrap metal This is kind of cool if anybody likes gears tons of gears maybe two old clock Big old ring Sharp pointy piece of metal that you don’t want to step on in the river. I Believe that might be – like an old gas pipe Another ring Not really sure what this is looks like, it’s Tyco I definitely don’t know what that is. Anybody knows that this says let me know in the comments. I Think this goes to like old combine. Maybe I’ll though more junk more junk Old chain my Lodge hanging out here another piece of junk I also found all this stuff. This might be like a hatch to something. I’ve got some words on it I don’t know what it says. I Think it says fire. I don’t know some weird piece of metal. Look at this thing That is a solid piece of metal a thing is sharp ball in the water jump on this you’re goner Look all these little pieces of shavings. I found – this is cool This is probably the coolest thing I found some type of antique maybe – a water faucet on an old ship Some angle iron they go square a piece of metal just Tons a junk today guys I didn’t find anything too exciting today, but like always you never not every episodes a winner Look at all this stuff. This thing is just loaded There’s just so much junk I could show you guys I found but anyways, oh Wait, one more forgot this found this drill bit. That’s that was probably the only cool thing I found today Somebody would say it’s junk But anyways, I hope y’all enjoy today’s episode. If you’re brand new to my show hit that subscribe button and please smash the like


  • I think that handle looking thing is something to a pump, like you said. It looks like a hose handle.

  • Another new video…. I always enjoy watching and seeing what you pull out of the water. If there was something to say to you about your content, it would be to change things up. Get yourself on Google and look around for new and interesting places to go fishen. The good old Mississippi sure has a lot of interesting finds, but everything is looking the same over the last few videos.

  • Good video. Got a lot of junk out of the river which makes for a great video. Thank you for sharing this with us. You take care my friend and God bless

  • You may wanna bring a cumalong combines to anchor to a tree incase your magnet gets stuck to something big.

  • May I suggest magnet fishing over bridges.
    People love throwing stuff over bridges.
    Also focus on areas like marinas, tourist areas.
    Good luck finding your treasure.

  • You are help cleaning up the environment one piece of junk at a time!!! Thanks for doing your part!!! Thank you for making great videos!!! A 3600 lbs magnet, wow!!! Maybe you should try a different place at the Mississippi!!! Talk with you later Tom!!!

  • Great vid. Love seeing them. Just got home from work so it gave me something to do before my shower. Keep it up and hope for another cannon ball soon. 😁

  • Another great video! 2 unlikes? Really people??? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!! For fun-You should just make up some story about the things you find. Give each piece an interesting story!! Awesome finds!

  • If the Mississippi River was drained you would probably find sunken ships and a while bunch of unimaginable things.

  • Sorry you didn’t find anything decent mate you need to come out magnet fishing with me and dad in the uk our rivers are rammed with decent stuff 👍👍👍

  • Dude you find so many crazy awesome things that just make me wonder what In the world!!! 😳 great video brother!

  • Thanks for another good video. Your day is coming when you will pull something incredible out of that river. Lots of history there.

  • I really love this channel ur always finding things might be little but still awesome getting stuff every throw ty for ur time and doing stuff like this for us I enjoy every show

  • Yup lot's of scrap. I bet there is an abundance of crap out there. Ya need to get on a boat and go out there a little more BY THAT BRIDGE. Gun are a lurking.

  • That was cool adding to the collection. I could watch you for hours. Great video. It looks like the gear thing is from a clock. Wish I lived closer, I would so make some cool stuff out of your treasure. Keep up the good work!

  • You've done it again my friend. Awesome video. Your on your way to 25 subs bro keep it up and don't change a thing.!!

  • I was In Kentucky visiting a friend we went fishing 🎣 but no luck went magnets 🧲 and found an old gun it was real old and found a civil war cannon ball

  • Hi it looks like you have changed places but it is still sal 🙂😲 but it's cool what you do.👏👏👏🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Tom, tons of old iron historical parts. I do think you pulled up a small clock body. If you clean it up a bit you may find some manufacturer markings on it. Wouldn't be valauable but give you a time like of the things you were pulling out. Would love to get something on every like that. Good spot. Standing by for more

  • Doud u Gota show us the scrap pile man…come on im totally starting one now I wanna see how big a magnet fishin pile I can get I'll prob end up starein at it from time to time u ever find ur self doin that

  • Hey, on your next video could you show us the junk pile? Are you going to take it all to a scrap metal company and get a little cash?

  • Ya, save it all because it s all worth money, eventually they will build a recycling center near you and you can take it to it for payment, the price goes up and depending on the demand for metal. You will play the commodities market.

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