Types of Nymphs that Work – Fly Fishing Nymphs

Types of Nymphs that Work – Fly Fishing Nymphs

Hi it’s Anni from KajanaClub.com
fly-fishing community. It’s winter. Not a lot of fly-fishing to do. so on this video let’s look at few types of nymphs that have worked really well for me and
the reason why I like them well I’ve caught fish with them. And do what’s until the end of the video if you want to see how to fly-fish nymphs
and I have another video if you use strike indicators as well. And there is a
little free gift for you at the end of the video. So these are the four types of
nymphs that work for me Black heavy stone fly with golden bead
head. I just love this why well I’ve got some nice fish like for example just
this awesome trout last summer so this is my trusted one when nymphing for trout. Prince nymph. It’s just a classic and I think I need to stock my fly box because
I found just this one Prince Nymph and this one has seen some better days. If
I’m fly fishing with first-timer friends like my cousin on this video I
often start them with Prince nymph. If you are follower of this channel you know
how this one ends if you haven’t seen it you can see the episode 14 when you
google Kajana Club and Girls Gone Fishing third type of nymph that I like these
small colorful bead head nymphs. I use these for grayling fishing.
I suppose the colorful head is pretty odd and irritating and pretty visible in
the fast paced river. So then the grayling goes for it also a little yellowish
green nymph is one fly I like to use if the other options fail there you go
these are the four types of nymphs that work really well for me. If you are
interested about fly fishing nymphs or nymphing for trout check out these two
videos the links are in the description box below and as promised if you want to
learn fly fishing there’s a free gift of Fly Fishing Cheat Sheet you can download
it below as well. It’s a free gift from me if you like this video of
different types of nymphs let me know by commenting and also please click the
like button and subscribe to my youtube channel see you in the next video.

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