Tying a Tungsten BH Black Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Pattern #PiscatorFlies

Tying a Tungsten BH Black Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Pattern #PiscatorFlies

Hey Thread Heads! Darren here welcome back to another quick fly tying tutorial today we’re gonna be whipping up this little
black pheasant tail this is a variation of a pheasant tail jig that I do it’s
pretty stripped-down version of a pheasant tail nymph we don’t have any
wing case on this no legs or anything like that so I think this is something
that’s gonna be great for fishing and throughout the trout season and even for
some pan fish it should be a pretty good pattern
alright let’s hop into this one we’re going to start we’re going to get a fresh hook into the vice now I’ve got a Firehole #516 stick you know size 10 here and on there I’ve got a tungsten slotted bead and this one is in a black nickel I got
these from HardyDeluxe on eBay he’s got a pretty good quality tungsten bead at a
fair price there and there’s the Firehole beads speaking of the firehole
beads they should be getting in some of the tungsten slotted beads soon so I’ll
be checking those out when they arrive they’ve got a pre-order on I think it
might have ended recently but once they have them in stock I’ll be getting some
in and I’ll be doing a review of those as well so for thread we’re going to be
using a 70d ultra thread in black or an 8/0 thread something that’s fairly
slender now we’re just going to start in behind the bead and we just want to get
that secured we’re going to add a few wraps in behind right up against the slot you
just want to make sure that you have that bead kind of pushed out as far as
you can trim off that tag end there and we’ll start winding down towards the
hook point starting to create a bit of a taper in the body here and we want to
just kind of get this bead so that it’s secure I’m just gonna push it up and
we’re gonna add some thread wraps until it stops moving around that’s not so bad
we can work with that now we’ll take our thread down it you
want to be careful that you don’t go over that bend. If you do that you’re
going to have a tail that’s going to wrap down around the bend of the hook and looks a
little funky. I’m going to add a little bit of black material here on this black
pheasant tail so this is a black dyed pheasant tail that I’ve got might be a
little bit tricky to kind of pick up the and a little bit of the natural black
barn so we’re gonna take about say five or six fibers off this and we’re just going to create a tail
here so usually I’ll kind of like do the length of the shank here it’s kind of a
good measurement for me I don’t like my tails too short and we’ll just put those
on top of the hook shank and I’m gonna wrap that down all the way just in
behind the bead next we’re gonna take a little bit of small black ultra wire I’m
just gonna take a short length about three or four inches here and we’ll tie
that in I like to tie mine in just along the hook shank on the side here just use
touching wraps just down into where we tied in the tail and you should be able
to get three or four flies with that three or four-inch length of wire here
so there are a couple different ways you could do this if you don’t have a lot of
length on your pheasant tail you can trim that off and tie in a second clump
of fibers but if you have lots of length what you can do is you can lay that back
and just pinch it in tie it in right where the tail left off and then tie the
fibers down so I’ve got quite a bit of length on on this the fibers on this or
about two and a half inches maybe three inches so fairly long fibers for this
and once we get that we’re just going to go ahead and we’re gonna wrap those we just want to pull those up just up in
behind the bead and if you have trouble with the with
filling that and you can add a couple more fibers that’ll help it fill in a
little bit faster or you can, like I said before you can add a second clump of
tail fibers in there so we just caught that in behind the bead and we’ll make
sure we go behind the fibers in in front of them make sure they’re secured then
we’ll trim off the excess there now we’ve got our wire we’re going to wrap that
in the opposite direction now we wrapped so we’re gonna wrap it in behind whereas
the pheasant we wrapped it in front this will just trap the fibers in
between the wraps of wire and that’ll add a lot of extra durability to the fly
here to wrap that just up in behind the bead I’m gonna make sure that we get
wraps on the back of that wire and also in front of it just to make sure it’s
locked in place then we’ll pullup on that wire
pull up on the wire rather well give it some tension and give it a few wiggles
and we got a nice clean cut off here so to finish this fly off we’re just going to
add a thorax and a couple different things I do on this sometimes I’ll add a
couple strands of peacock herl just to keep it nice and dark but in this case we’re
gonna actually use a little bit of ice dub or diamond dub so I’ve got a nice
black peacock color it’s got a just a tinge of pearl in there without being
too dark you could also go into like a dark dark peacock black peacock or even
just like a straight black if you wanted to
we’re gonna go with this one here and you don’t need much just got a little
bit here I’m gonna take out a bit of that we’re just gonna roll that onto the
thread push it down a little bit more on and we’re always twisting in the same
direction just to make sure that it’s on there nice and good
got a few reps then we’re gonna whip finish yeah well I have a second one
just for a little added durability there you go it’s a black peacock or a black
pheasant tail nymph tied on a jig the tungsten bead it’s gonna be a great one
for the spring all right guys Keep a Hook in Your Vise!! Cheers

7 thoughts on “Tying a Tungsten BH Black Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Pattern #PiscatorFlies”

  • Hey Darren! Sorry for the previous comment – the guys who do that bug me (they need to get a life) but I couldn't resist one-upping them LOL!. That was perfect timing – I just sat down with a coffee and the notification popped up. Nice pattern. I need something like this. Was going to type up a couple of Perdigons but they look so naked. Think that these will sink almost as fast as a Perdigon and they look more "insect like" so I'd fish them fish more confidence. Black; brown; olive; tan… maybe a red one for a giggle. Thanks for sharing Darren! Merry Christmas!

  • Great tie Darren ! Just wondering how that might fish thru the ice jigging , might just have to tie some up and give it a try 🙂

  • M/C&HNY!!!
    You mentioned purchasing the bead from hardydeluxe on eBay. How is the quality? Have you purchased anything else from him. Some of his jig hooks look good, and made in Japan as well, always a plus. If you don't feel comfortable weighing in publically send me a P.M. Thanks!

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