Top 5 Steelhead Flies – Great Lakes Fishing

Here at the new fly fisher we love
catching great lakes steelhead but the question is what are the flies that work
consistently almost everywhere we go? Well we figured out our top five flies, watch
this. [music] That’s a bigger fish. Oh my goodness look
at the sink! That is a big fish! That’s incredible. [Music] Man oh man! He walloped that he just
walloped it! They’re a whole lot stronger than they are in the spring. We got a little
net here in a big steelhead. Nice big buck about 10 pounds. [Music] Now I got them on the real and this
feels like a decent fish. When they decide they want to run you gotta let
them don’t try to resist it. And nicely done. All right! [Music] That feels like a heavier fish this
time. Looks like it had some weight to it eh? Good man! Look at that. Look at that. Outstanding. And away it goes. [Music] And our number one steelhead fly, is the white death. Right there! It’s a fish. Oh that’s a big fish look at that tail. It’s a great pattern this white death. [Laughs] Look at that! Look at that big thick tail. [Music] We hope you enjoyed this video about our
top 5 steelhead flies. If you want to see other videos about other species and
other patterns Go to our YouTube channel or visit us on our Facebook page. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the water. Music

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