Tips for Fishing Post Spawn Walleye on Mille Lacs Lake – GO Angling Episode 3

– There we go. – [Calvin] Attaboy. – So on today’s episode, I’m
with my good buddy Cal Svihel, and we’re on Mille Lacs. So we’re gonna do a little
bit of a one-two presentation and different tactics for
catching these fish out here for end of May and early June. – [Announcer] In-Depth
Outdoors, Go Angling. Brought to you by Gander Outdoors. – All right, so we just
got out on the water. Our first approach for
what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna target the shoreline breaks and looking for a little bit of rock. We’re gonna use our side imagining and just run along the north
shore, we’re out of Garrison, and hopefully we can find some
fish, and as soon as we do, we’ll swing right around on
them and get on top of them. All right, so as you can see,
we found a bunch of rock here, and there’s definitely some
fish mixed right in with them. And they could be smallmouths,
they could be walleyes, but this is a great starting point. – Yeah, looks like the
most fish we’ve seen coming up this break, so,
yeah, let’s give it a go. – [Pat] Oh, there we go! – [Calvin] Attaboy. – Boy, did he wack it? – [Calvin] Looks like it. – Wasn’t paying attention
looking at the graph and he just, ka-thump. – Let’s get some good head shakes there. – Mm huh. We just went by this shoreline break here, we’re on the north end of Lake Mille Lacs, and definitely marked a couple of pods and a little bit nicer fish, and we spun around and
we’re just using the traoba in the bowel there
on, we got it linked, so we’re just the contour line and – That’ll work.
– spending more time fishing than running the boat. All right, pop that out there. Nice little fish. There’s a ton of these like
19 inchers in here right now, just packed full of them but I just started out with a
real basic presentation there, that quarter ounce VMC Moon Eye Jig with a three and a quarter
inch B Fish N Tackle Pulse-R. I think that’s the pearl blue. Real natural pattern. – Definitely wasn’t a subtle bit at all. – [Pat] No. He cracked it.
– Rocked your world right away. Oh. Came back for it.
– Hey, he came and ate it! Oh, it’s a bass.
– Small, it’s a bass too, yeah.
– It’s a big bass. – Multi-species. – [Pat] Yeah, that’s a really nice bass. – [Calvin] Well, they sure are fun in this clear water to see. – [Pat] There we go. – Oh, he ate that thing.
– Nice catch. Yeah, he did. – [Calvin] Where is it? – [Pat] Prespawner there. – Thank you, sir. Three eighths on slab rat
that you can see here, the number one forged
base of Mille Lacs Lake. Yellow perch, YP like we like to call it. Nice bass, look at that belly, junker. Get it back right away. Thank you. – [Pat] Good work. – That was weird. It came up, must of slashed at it, and then bait was just free
falling back on the slack line and wack, you can see how
hard it hit, just in haled it. – Not just rice fish
anymore in this slab rat. – Damn.
– Maybe we’re on to something. – [Pat] Mm hm. There we go. – [Calvin] Need the net on that one or… – Uh, no, I’ll just grab him, looks like another one
of those 19 inchers. – [Calvin] Okay, good, I’m
gonna get on the water then. – I caught that one right
away on the Pulse-R. Things kinda dried up a little bit for me, so I put a spottail shiner on the same jig and was able to catch that one. There we go. About this time of year– – Hooked up! – Hooked up. – This time of year
there’s a lot of babe fish a lot of little, young of
the year perch and shiners that are coming up to spawn
up on these shallow flats on the north end. It’s just a great place to cover a bunch of shoreline breaks and catch fish. That one’s a walleye, Cal. – I got the right species this time, Pat? – [Pat] Yeah, you got a walleye. – [Calvin] Oh, I can feel
those teeth grinding. Looked like a little bit longer one, Pat. Long and skinny. – [Pat] Hey, that’s a one. Aw, he just choked that.
– Choked, yeah, absolutely! Absolutely. Have to check that floor
curb and liter on that one. Wow.
– Wow. – Look at that bait. Let me get his mouth
open, look at that thing. Gone-zo. Interesting bait here, Pat. I’m quickly becoming a, it’s a good go-to bait in the winter and why this long, skinny fish right here definitely is need to put the feed bag on after a big spawn this spring here. – Gorgeous fish, yeah.
– Nice fish. Get this one back and get another one. It’s exciting, just like any
aggressive jig bite, man, does that little lift,
slight little subtle lift up, hold it on a tight line and
let it ease back to the bottom. Don’t have to aggressively rip it, these last couple of fish, – [Pat] Mm hm. – falls back right into their face, and proof was in that walleye’s
month right there, man. – If you’re fishing a rip and wrap and it’s just a little bit too much of an aggressive presentation
that’s not gonna have quite as loud of rattles
but still has great action when you work the bait. – There we go.
– That one hammered it. There you go, it’s a little big bass. Football! – [Calvin] Multi-species. – Yeah, I kinda cheated on that one. I caught him on live bait. Just a jig and a shiner
that’s what I’m still fishing, but catches everything. That’s a nice fish. – Look at that. Just sitting on the
bottom, checking my phone, and that thing grabbed, that fish grabbed it. – [Pat] Sometimes they
got to make it easy, that’s another nice one. – Right? – [Pat] That one probably
deserves the net, huh? – [Calvin] Yeah, that one’s a little bit of a net one there, yeah. – [Pat] Look at that. – [Calvin] There you go. – [Pat] Beauty. – Embarrassing as they say, that fish, that jig was just sitting on the bottom, and I had quite a bit of
slack out and fish ate it. Shorter shank hook because I
switched to a jig and a shiner. That’s a little bit
short shank hook there. Nice fish.
– Mm hm. – Low 20s. Getting the feed baby back on. – [Calvin] Followed it up
right to the boat, huh? – He was right under the boat. There you go. Switched up a little bit there, I just got that VMC three sixteenth ounce Finesse Half Moon Jig, and that’s just a 360GT
Coastal from Storm, I think that’s the piltran color. Nice healthy fish there. Get her back. Wamo! Doubles! There we go.
– There we go, that’s right. – [Pat] Beauty. – Yowsers. Ah ha. Doesn’t matter what’s
on the end of the line, as long as it bites, right? – Yeah. I think we’ve caught a fish on just about everything
we have on the boat. – Get this big girl back real quick there. Do our job. Nice. I just switched over, Pat, to three eighths hair jig, VMC hair jig, and I found a old paddle
tail laying in the bottom of my bag and its clipped
it off for a little bit of, little bit of attractant,
and that one seemed to work. – That’s gotta be one of my
favorite things about Mille Lacs is that you can pick a
presentation or a tactic and get a lot of confidence
it in by coming out here because they’re so friendly out there, they’ll bite a lot of
different presentations and a lot of aggressive presentations. Not that the hair jig is
an aggressive presentation, but it just goes to
show you they’re willing to eat a lot of different things out here. There we go. He was back behind the boat. – [Calvin] Attaboy, I
might get my line in. – We switched tactics a little bit. We were kinda hitting
the shoreline breaks, pestering those walleyes and smallmouths, and we decided to come out here on a little bit of a gravel bar. And we’re out on about
20, 21 feet of water, mark some fish and figured
we’d see if we can get them. – Stayed on nice.
– Yeah, he is. Boy, it’s hard to beat this
lake this time of year. – Yeah, it totally is. – Pitching bites. I really like to take advantage of it every year early season
– Yeah, nice fish. That’s a long one. – [Pat] Yeah, it is. There we go.
– There you go. – Nice!
– Good work. – [Pat] Look at him, he just inhaled that. – [Calvin] Early spring, jig shiner, huh? – Yeah. There we go, just a moon
eye jig and a shiner. Nice walleye there. Get him back and see
if we can get in there and get another one. Well, that’s gonna do it for today’s show. Definitely a great casting bite going on on Mille Lacs right here. No surprise to anybody, it’s just an awesome, multi-species lake. You can get smallmouths and walleyes a lot of
times in the same spots. And if you’re looking to get confidence in a different kind of casting presentation that you’re not used to, this
is an awesome place to do it. The fish are aggressive here, and you can really pick up and learn a new technique pretty easily. So we’re gonna be doing a bunch more of these videos in the weeks to come. Make sure you subscribe to Gander Outdoors and In-Depth Outdoors so you don’t miss another
one of these episodes. What do you think, Cal, put
this thing on the trailer? – Yeah, I think so , Pat. One last cast and we can head her on out.

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