Tips for catching rainbow trout – Tips from a Fisheries Biologist

My name is Evan Cartabiano and I’m a
fisheries biologist with Texas Parks & Wildlife. We stock trout every year at
multiple sites around the state and community fishing lakes and the
Neighborhood Fishing Program Lakes. The biggest thing when it comes to
catching trout at a community fishing lake and neighborhood fishing pond is:
1, the size of your hook. Make sure you use a small enough hook. These fish are
not large fish and they have a small mouth and they have good eyesight so the
smaller the hook you use, the better chance you’re gonna have of fooling a
trout. The other thing is no matter what kind of rod and reel you have–you could
be using a shark fishing rod–but if you use light line such as the six pound
fluorocarbon on the end, you will catch more fish. No matter what else you do,
combining these two things will put more trout on the bank for you. This is called
a three-way rig and as you can see it’s three ways because it has a main line
coming in and then it’s attached to the leader which has the weight on one
dropper and the hook on the other. So there’s a wide range of different baits
you can use for trout fishing but you don’t need to have all of them, just a
selection of a few and these I’ve got laid out here or some of the ones that I
think are your better bets for actually actually catching fish. At some of our
CFLs and NFPs there are fish feeders. If there are and you’re having a hard time,
try and fish around the fish feeder. The fish have learned to associate that area
with being fed. Sort of rod and reel work for trout fishing as long as you can
cast it at least 20 or 30 feet Personally if I’m going to select a rod
for trout fishing, I would like a white action spinning rod, an ultralight reel filled with four pound test is about right.

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