The World’s Only Scaled Mammal Is ADORABLE

– [Narrator] This a male tree pangolin. He is six months old. Critically endangered
and under-researched, the tree pangolin is a
mammalian species like no other. Found throughout Asia and Africa, pangolins can be traced
back 66 million years, meaning they lived amongst dinosaurs. They’re the only mammals
on Earth covered in scales, which account for about
20% of their body weight. These large, protective
scales are made of keratin, the same thing human nails
and hair are made from. Tree pangolins use their long claws to climb on trees and branches in an endless search for prey. Baby pangolins, like the one here, get around by riding their mother’s tails. Though they have poor
eyesight and hearing, their strong sense of
smell and elastic tongue allows them to catch a meal
of mostly ants and termites. When the pangolin senses danger, it will curl up into a ball, making it almost invincible in the wild. Humans, however, are a dangerous threat. The pangolin scales are thought
to have healing properties, though there’s no science to back that up. Because of that, pangolins are the most
heavily trafficked mammals in the world, worth almost $300 per
pound on the black market. No one knows how many pangolins are left, but we do know that their
number is shrinking fast. This is the tree pangolin.

local_offerevent_note March 7, 2020

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