The Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar Lake Trek

hello everyone today we’re going to show
you our experience of a beautiful trek called the Parashar Lake trek. We are going to
take you through from crossing the vyas river to the beautiful dense pine forest, the slippery muddy patches the beautiful scenic view of the Himalayas Good morning trekkers, this is Bir your
trek leader so basically right now I’m standing at a place called parashar,
parasha lake it’s a very beautiful trek placed in Himachal. How to get there and
all the stuff are there on the website now when you are there at at the village
called Baggi it’s it’s at 4,600 some feet all right and this particular place
where I am right now is 8700 feet so somewhere close to 4,100 feet in one
day and the distance is 7.5 kilometers so if you can do that on a
map like this and like this you will figure out the inclination that it has
so you have to be fit even for a weekend to do the trek. Difficulty wise it can be
termed as easy it can be termed as moderate or difficult depending on the
weather, depending on the level of fitness I have come with. So becuase of I’ve I have done like I said XYZ treks in the XYZ places that means this is
going to be a very easy cakewalk trek for me that is not the case right. The
beautiful part about parashar as a trek has a lot of pine forest work it has a
lot of altitude to gain and the distance is 7.5 kilometers.
It is not easy as it sounds but when you do it that feeling of accomplishment
hits you to do it all. We have other treks also on weekend
treks but I rate parashar to be the highest from my perspective because of
this reason. We started our journey first by train
for Mumbai to Delhi a bus from Delhi to Mandi and a private
vehicle from Mandi to Baggi. Soon as we reach Baggi the weather was
not looking good but our Trek leader assured us that it was okay to Trek in
such a weather so we all wore our ponchos and after a short briefing we marched
towards the parashar lake the trail had a lots of levels to cross.
The first was a kilometer long rocky trail that went over the vyas river,
and from there we headed towards a wide bridge walk from one and a half
kilometer more. Soon as we finished the walk we entered the gates of the thick dense pine forest. It was a magnificent sight to see. This was the first time at parashar lake for all of us and we all experienced of just how beautiful nature can get. You will completely get lost in terms of
admiring his beauty and shades of green. Though the rain kept challenging us
every step we took it made the forest look even more beautiful. And not forgetting the most beautiful
creature that accompanied us we named him shadow. For some time we saw the Sun coming out and took that opportunity to have some delicious lunch prepared by
the locals, and then headed further After clearing the forest we first clear a
small muddy patch the second part was a little bigger with hard patches of ice. But soon the view got cleared and we
could see the Himalayas. Suddenly all the tiredness was gone and
as we kept moving while admiring the vistas we had reached the stunning peaceful lake the parashar lake. Even though the snow had almost melted
it was freezing cold up there we watched the Sun setting down had some dinner and camped that night under the sparkling stars. The next morning we woke up with surprise and I was mesmerized to see the beautiful stretch of fog and the golden
peaks of the mighty Himalayas. Later after having some breakfast we
visited the spiritual temple dedicated to Parashay Rishi. It is a three storey pagoda like temple
and demonstrates beautiful Himachali architecture. The lake is considered
sacred to the prashay rishi. As he is regarded to have meditated
there. There is even an arrangement to stay to the devotees who come to visit
the temple on the 12th of April every year for the festival. The lake has its own floating island and
the depth of the lake is still unknown. Today the Sun was shining all over the place. And again after a briefing we started walking down through the same path. Soon we reached down and we all knew it
was the end of an amazing weekend we shared. We all went back to our cities to fall
back into our daily routines but with a new and fresh energy.

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