The Fish & The Fly 1 Dry Flies

[Music] [Music] we’ve traveled the world looking for some of the best and most exciting dry fly fishing there is we fished in Denmark Greenland Germany New Zealand and Swedish Lapland we are fishing with Morten urland a highly-skilled fly fisherman and fly tire we will see some of the insects the trout feed on and we’ll take a detailed look at the insects and their imitations from a completely new perspective in every situation we look closely the insects and the imitations Morten chooses to use [Music] in the second movie morton’s shows how to tie the exact flies he used in the film you’ll get lots of tying tips and see different innovative techniques for dry flies that catch fish in the real world in many situations we’ve placed underwater cameras in the areas with fish and the recordings have given us a unique look into the underwater world of the trout on every trip we follow morten as he chooses his strategy and we take a close look at the techniques he uses in every situation and of course there’s plenty of fishing action [Music] what a take [Music] [Music] [Music]

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