The Engine that gets Sport Fishing Boats to their Fishing Grounds fast

A perfect package, really. It’s a fantastic boat and very comfortable. MTU currently is the smallest package available with the highest horsepower-to-weight ratio
available in the market. It has further range for fishing, further range to go into different regions of the world, less fuel consumption and zero smoke. It has low noise, no shake and instant throttle response. Our climates are basically in the Caribbean and the islands. Parts of South America are much warmer than other temperatures within the world. Allowing our engines to perform in this aspect still allows us to provide a superior performance than what else is available in the industry. MTU provides you the engine, gearbox,
and the control and monitoring system
which integrates the complete package to the boat-builder. Our customers like that,
because it gives them one point of contact for both warranty and service. Those guys work hard and play hard and when they need something repaired or dealt with, they know they can get it. It has a performing engine that allowes
especially in the sport fish market, to when a fish is on, to chase that fish
and allow you to land it. A 360-degree turn integrates both the engines and thruster so this vessel will turn a complete 360-degrees in 37 seconds. With all the competition these days, you really need a good weapon underneath of you. And this is a good weapon, for sure.

local_offerevent_note November 9, 2019

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