The Deeper app – the app for every angler

The Deeper app – the app for every angler

The Deeper App is full of great features
anyone can use. A solunar forecast calendar, weather forecasts, a fishing log,
offline maps, camera mode and social media sharing. Connect with a Deeper
Smart Sonar for smarter fishing. In Standard Mode you can monitor: underwater
structure, vegetation, temperature, depth and best of all – where the fish are
hiding. Enabled Boat Mode then map out your favorite locations. Get the complete
picture of the waters you fish. Switch to Ice Fishing Mode in hard water season.
Download the number one fishfinder app today!

One thought on “The Deeper app – the app for every angler”

  • you cant even upload your own pics to the app and if you want the weather just go to the weather app on your phone…

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