Texas Coast Fishing

– From CarecoTV, one of the
longest running outdoor programs on television today. Exploring the
country and the coast in search of adventures. From the mountains of
the great Northwest, to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean. This is Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin. This week, Americana Outdoors
takes you to City-By-The-Sea. Located between Port Aransas
and Rockport in southern Texas. Now Wade and Angel Middleton meet up with Clark
and Patty Wendlandt for a fun fishing trip
on the Texas Gulf Coast. – Now this is one of those
fun afternoons of fishing. Clark and I, and our
wives Patty and Angel, we’re gonna go out and
go buy some live shrimp, hook ’em on some popping
corks, make some casts, and just have some fun. Whether we catch piggy perch, whether we catch trout
with it, who knows, I mean we’re gonna make it
about just an enjoyable, pleasurable day of fishing. Not that high intensity,
tournament grind it out, try to figure out
how to catch ’em. This is all about having fun. – I’m excited because I got
here about 10 minutes ago. Wade’s got the
boat in the water. Wade has all the rods rigged. Every single one
of them is ready. I didn’t even have to do
anything with any tackle. He’s got me a rain suit,
he’s got me a life jacket. I have to think about
nothing but fishing. This is gonna be really fun. – We’ll know how to act. Now if a rod breaks,
line breaks, tie breaks, we don’t catch any
fish, it’s on me. (laughter) – Wade and I really kind of
pull a fast one on those girls. We acted like we
really needed them to go in and get the bait. They come out lugging
these Engel chests which are absolutely
the coolest thing ever, full of water and shrimp. And they’re lugging
them out there and I can see Patty’s kind
of cutting her eyes at me. – Oh my gosh. Maybe they’d better
come help us. – But I didn’t do it. I just sat there and acted
like I didn’t even see her. – That thing weighs
about 30-40 lbs. (laughter) – I didn’t need
to go to the gym. – It’s all good. Angel had to push hers
the last 100 yards. – Wait, wait, wait. – Son of a gun. – I have the guns for it. (energetic rock music) – We got a fish. – Get him honey,
get him, get him. – You got something. – It’s a redfish. – It’s a redfish? – Yeah, it’s a redfish. – Oh, let me see the little guy. Hello. (laughter) – Fish on. – Oh look at that
dolphin right there. – There he is. There’s two. I can bait my own, but I just
like watching him bait it. (laughter) – Just don’t tell him. – Oh I got, I got. No, it keeps getting off. (laughter) – That was what you
call a modern day
redhead temper tantrum (laughter) – But here comes the porpoise. (laughter) – Just reel him in and get him
away from the porpoise there. – Oh yes he does. He’s got a buck
tooth, check that out. – You gonna tongue him. – No. – That would’ve hurt. – Might be a keeper. – I don’t know,
I don’t think so. – Not quite. Nope. Nice fish though. – One trying to eat him. Rescued his life. Hold on, hun. – The girls are in the back trying to take video of
dolphins for social media. And Wade and I are out here
trying to catch dinner. – Well when y’all start. When y’all start catching
some keepers we’ll join ya. – Yeah. – Give us into some keepers. – Getting close in the last two. – I think we just got
sassed right there. – I do too. (laughter) – Little meaty guy. And that’s gonna be a wrap. We’re gonna head back to
the condo on this giant speckled trout that’ll be
a future trophy for Texas. We’re gonna go cook some
dinner and enjoy our place. – To book your next
fishing getaway, please go to
Rockporthomerentals.com. Coming up, Wade and Clark
get to do some fishing on their own. They’ll be fishing out of
the jetty on Port Aransas. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin is brought to you by Garmin. Fight your fish, not
your fish finder. Bass Pro Shops, your
adventure starts here. Ranger Boats, still building
legends one at a time. And by Cabela’s,
it’s in your nature. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. After Wade and Clark let
the girls have some fun on their first day of
their fishing trip, today they’re headed
out to a familiar jetty in Port Aransas on their
own for a fun fishing day and hopefully catch
some trout and redfish for the deer camp
that’s coming up soon. – What a pretty morning
it is right now. Nice and calm, clear. Before the impending storm
coming it sounds like. – Well, maybe they’ll
be biting like they do right before a storm comes. That’s always fun. Nothing like it when it’s
glass, and this is glass. We may not fish where
it’s glass but it’s cool. – It’s glass right now. There’s a hurricane supposedly
brewing down in the gulf that was supposed
to go into Mexico. We kind of planned a couple
of days of fun fishing down out of Port Aransas. Got us a condo at
City-By-The-Sea through the Miss Kitty’s
getaway adventures there. And now we’re gonna get
out and go to the jetties and see what happens. I’ve done it about 10 or 12
times on this very jetty. We’ve had some great trips and
I’ve had some where I’m like hang on, it’s a rodeo. So we’ll see what we got. – Let’s do it. No way, jetty fishing
is one of those things. I mean it’s like a whole
microcosm down there. What happens on these jetties, do fish just move
up and down ’em? – Well I mean, you’ve
got in my opinion, and I wouldn’t call myself
a jetty fishing expert by any means, but when
you’ve got an incoming tide you’re bringing hopefully some
of that clear water into here You’re coming out of the gulf, so that’s moving everything
up and down this jetty. So there’s a feeding
frenzy going on. Then when you get
the outgoing tide coming back out of
the bay for instance. It’s bringing sometimes
the dirty water, which may not be the best, but it’s bringing it back down. So there’s just a million
things that live here along these jetties and the other thing,
there’s not a lot of passes. If you look at the
Gulf Coast map, there’s not a ton of
passes especially in Texas, that provide a highway,
for instance, for fish to come in and out of here so. You’re gonna have such a
wide range of species of fish based on the time of the
year and the conditions. I mean it’s a smorgasbord,
it’s a buffet. You just literally have no
idea what you’re gonna catch on any cast. But you’ll see guys
like behind us, they’re anchored
down on a prime spot. They know their baits. Something’s gonna swim
by that buffet line. It’s like going to your favorite
restaurant at lunchtime. There’s gonna be a
lot of food out there and something’s gonna come by
and eat it sooner or later. Ah, trout number one. That would be a keeper
trout right there. – How long’s that one, 16-17?
– 17. – What is it? – Redfish. ‘Bout an 18 incher,
not quite a keeper. Alright Mr. Red, get back. Gotta have good pliers out here. I mean it’s one of the
most necessity things you’re gonna go through. Got cutters on there, you
got pliers be able to torque the bait and get it out. Clark just lost another one. He’s spinning, he’s shaking. That’s gonna be a trout. – A very nice trout. – You got the net? – Yeah, maybe. We don’t wanna lose dinner. (laughter) – Come here buddy. Oh that’s a good one, Clark. – Awesome. 19. Those are harder to get. Look at him. – He’s ready. He’s done, done dude. That’s the thing
about these jetties is is you just have no
idea what you’ve got. – He’s about to whup
you whatever he is. – I think it’s
probably a big red. – That be a keeper redfish too. – That’s what you call perfect. Hey I’m pretty proud of that. – Nice. – 22 and a half. – That’s perfect. – That’s what we call
dinner right there. – You just don’t know, I
mean every other cast is it might be a trout, might
be a redfish, ladyfish, I mean we’re just Spanish
mackerel on top water. I mean this is why you come
down to places like Port Aransas and the place we’re
staying over there so you can come out
these jetties or go out on a nice dinner and
just have fun, you know. Relax, it’s a vacation
fishing trip period. – Americana Outdoors will
be right back with more fishing action on the
jetty after these messages. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, has been brought to you by Yamaha Marine,
reliability starts here. Engel Coolers. Rugged, durable, high
performance marine coolers. And by Sawyer Products. Sawyer, we keep you outdoors. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. We’re in Port Aransas, Texas with Wade Middleton
and Clark Wendlandt. Fishing out on the jetty and
targeting trout and redfish. They’re fishing comfortably
on a Ranger 2310 Bay Boat. – You know when you look at
our setup on our Ranger there, we’ve got a 300
horsepower Yamaha, more than powerful to push us in any type of a setup
that we’re going in. Full array of Garmin
electronics on here. I look at the side scan on this exactly like what most
bass fishermen are using. And what it tells you
to help find these fish, it’s an amazing tool to look at. You can see the rocks breaking
down on the side scan. It really tells you
where they rolled off at so that you kind of
middle in your mind be able to work your
bait down there. I also was using
Panoptix a lot of times just to kind of watch
what was going on. I’ve been down here before
and caught ’em 30 and 40 yards off the rocks, and I’ve
caught ’em right on the rocks. Today was more about the
rocks and the electronics were kind of helping
me in a lot of ways really be able to
determine exactly where to position the boat and
be able to position the bait. – Oh my gosh, look at this. (laughter) – I don’t know what I got. – Is it big? – Yeah, I think it may be
a Spanish Mackerel though. Yeah, it’s a Spanish. – A good one. Pretty fish. – That is a pretty
fish, aren’t they. Look at those things. Really pretty fish. Look at the teeth on ’em though. We don’t lift those up. We do those big
largemouth that we catch. We’ll let you go back,
you’re a fast burner. – Oh there it is. A little trout. – Here, let me get the net. Sweet. – Nice. – Kind of like each species
takes up their own position. – Snaggletooth right there. It’s about a 17 incher probably. 17. – I bet we got a
good red right here. He is putting some test to it. We’re just bouncing,
I mean literally, the bait right along there and it’s fun fishing
beyond belief. What makes a species,
the ease of it, you know. Got him. – Great job. – That’s what it’s
all about right there. That’s the best one. – You got him? – Yeah, I got him. I mean that’s a good
one right there. – Put him on there make
sure he’s not oversized. A good one. – He’s about a quarter
of an inch over in Texas from being a legal fish. We’re gonna let him go. Somebody will catch him
as a big bull pretty soon. That’s pretty fun, that’s
a good fight right there. And that’s another thing,
the right time of year, the bull reds will
run down these jetties from Port O’Connor over
here to Port Aransas in this part of Texas. You talk about a rush right
there, that’s a tackle bruiser. I have no idea after we
just hooked the tarpon. What we have. I don’t know what he
is, he looks silver. Now that’s a red. You can see him up here now. – You want me to net him? – Yeah. You’re good, I got it. I think he’s gonna be too big. It’s gonna be another oversize. That’s the second one we’ve
had a quarter inch too long. But that’s okay, it’s
still fun to catch them. – Heck yeah. – Yeah, we’ll let him go back. Catch more. My arms are getting
tired after all of this. I don’t know how many
fish we’ve caught. I don’t know how
many bites we’ve had. I think the bite count
would be astronomical. – Oh it would. Think I just hooked a red
that just worked back down. Got one magic little
kind of place that it’s like a little pocket. And Wade’s caught several there. I’ve caught a keeper there. That’s not as big as I thought,
daggammit, but it is red. 18 incher maybe. – Well coming up, the search
for deer camp dinners continues Wade and Clark start dialing
it in on those redfish. Stay tuned. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, has been brought to you by Bradley Smoker, food
smoking made easy. Sunline, the strength to
guarantee your confidence. And by Hobie, Hobie Fishing
Mirage Drive pedal systems. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Well, it’s late summer in Texas. A perfect time to fish the
jetty down in the Gulf Coast. – Look at all the rays that
showed up on the side scan. Look at that. – Yeah that’s cool. – There’s two solo
fish down there. – Wade doesn’t want anything
big right now because he’s wore out. He’s caught too many fish. I want as many fish as
we can put on the table as we can possibly catch. So I’m thinking he just
needs to suck it up and catch a couple more. He’s the best redfishing guy. He’s kind of milking
this one little area, this one little hole in there. He knows where they are. But I think he’s purposely
not casting in there right now just because he
doesn’t wanna have to deal with another big one. – It’s like getting
sassed by Clark because it’s a big part of our deal is
to catch fish for deer camp. And I’m tired. I’ve caught too many fish
and I was just sassed because I said I didn’t
wanna catch anymore. Even told I wasn’t fishing
where the fish live. I’ve had to turn around
and throw where they live so I can try to catch a couple
and get my manhood protected. – Daggummit, pitch
it off the rock. – Hey, you’re tired. Man up up there,
don’t rag on me. You thought you’re hung. You gotta fish. – I was really kind of
thinking I was hung. – Man up, get tough. – I think I got a big red. – I think you got something
big, I can hear the drag. – This one doesn’t even know
he’s hooked yet I’m afraid. I’m hoping it’s a
big red snapper. But I’m doubting it. I tell you what. I sassed him one little bit and then I’ve been re-sassed
about six times since. But I don’t blame him. – I caught me a red but it’s
not gonna be big enough to keep so Clark’s probably still
gonna be grumpy with me. Because I didn’t catch a keeper. – It might be. – It might be a keeper. Come here, buddy. You know when you get
sassed by your buddies because you can’t
provide deer camp food, you have to go into action
no matter how tired you are ’cause that’s a question
of your manhood. I just couldn’t take it. Because what would happen,
he’d go back to deer camp, he’d tell Scott, he’d tell
Steve, he’d tell Jeff, and I’d never hear
the end of it. So I think I fed him, so
life will be good again. Oh yeah, he’s a keeper. With a half an inch to spare. – I just hooked
another one right here. He pulled back into our kinda like a little magic pocket
right here with a big rock. Think Wade saw it on the
side scan a second ago. – Oh it’s perfect
in there Clark. I think this one’s about right. – That’s probably
gonna be about perfect. – That’s a 25 incher. Don’t lose him. Back to the manhood challenge. I got Clark down up there. He’s retying. I guess he’s a keeper. Favorite hobbies, getting
ready for deer camp and catching fish. (laughter) That is awesome. – The list of fish we’ve
caught, I don’t even know. We caught grouper,
snapper, redfish, trout, ladyfish, Spanish mackerel. – I hooked a tarpon. – You hooked a tarpon. So I think we’ve got
nine right there. What else did we catch? Eight little
piggies, piggy perch. – We caught a jack. – So that’s 11. So 11 different species of fish
in 4.5, 5 hours of fishing. – That’s pretty good. I need to go eat some
of these fish, I’m done. – Let’s go. – You know it’s pretty fun
to sit here and watch Clark, multi-time FLW Angler of
the Year, cook your lines, cook your dinner for ya, but
it’s pretty nice, I like it. – Oh, it’s awesome. I mean we both talked about
how much we love going out, trying to figure out
those fish, catch ’em, and then bring ’em
in and fry ’em up. There’s just absolutely
nothing better. I enjoy doing it. – Hey a special thanks to
Miss Kitty’s Fishing Getaways for providing beautiful
lodging at City-By-The-Sea. One of the finest bay
fishing destinations on the Texas Gulf Coast. To book your next
fishing getaway, please go to
Rockporthomerentals.com. Thank you for watching and
we’ll see you next time on Americana Outdoors. Americana Outdoors is
a CarecoTV production.

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