Testdive, Angling, Snorkeling/ Glatved Beach North of Pier/ Denmark/ Djursland

Angling and snorkel diving assesment, Glatved Beach, on the peninsula Djursland, Facing the Kattegat Sea, in Denmark, Northern Europe. About 500 meters north of the shipping pier, seen in the distance. The pier is one of the more known angling and diving landmarks on Djursland, but how is it just north of the pier? If one looks at the online map-service Krak.dk, clicking on the hybrid viewer, one can see a fairly wide belt of seaweed along the shore up towards the pier. The idea is to take a closer look underwater at this seaweed belt. Especially at the outer edge of the seaweed belt out towards the sandy bottom. My expectations are fairly high, as this is one of the top places seen from a location point of view as to angling and snorkel diving from Djursland. Let’s take a look at how it is underwater here on July the 17th 2015, at around 10 o’clock in the morning. A bit smaller than football seized stones on the first stretch, when swimming out, with lots of healthy seaweed growth attached. There was a solid contingency of wrasse. I swam about 400 meters up towards the pier, primarily along the seaweed belt. There were flounders, there were brill, and maybe also a turbot. Maybe not quite as many fish, as I had expected, but more than enough to get a meal, and more than that, so It’s a question of exercising moderation a place like this. There were many imprints of flatfish on the sandy bottom So maybe there can be a lot more here, at other times of the day. Presumably the flatfish migrate in and out according to a day cycle. Everything looked healthy, in accordance with this being Djursland’s stony east coast. There was lush Sea Lace, amongst the other impressive seaweed species. I can only encourage bringing along an underwater camera, using a snorkeling expedition like this to take photos and record video. As to fishing, this is one of the good places on the Djursland coastline. I did not see any sea trout, but they are here. I suspect that I make a bit too much of a racket with my gear, to spot them. I spoke with another snorkel diver yesterday, who said that he saw a couple of trout in about the same area as this – I didn’t see any. Actually I haven’t seen any, the 10 – 12 times I have been out diving this year. This might be because they flee, when they hear someone like me coming along. There was a hermit crab. I will make a pan, towards the direction that I swam. It is the Kattegat Sea out here, with Sweden on the other side, and the shipping pier up there. There was quite a lot of fish fry. It’s the first time this year that I see dense schools of fish fry. I can’t say which type of fry it was. As to casting from the shore, it gets deep quite fast, this being one of the reasons why it’s good for fishing here. With the Sea Lace reaching quite far up, a lure might get caught in it but this does not give serious snags. In May, when there is a season for garfish, it hasn’t grown that tall. Some of it was at least 1.5 meters long. It has grown to this length over the last couple of summer months. I can recommend this place. With regards to accessibility, the best thing is to drive up to the shipping pier, and leave the car there, and then maybe walk or swim down the coast. Sometimes I bring along a bicycle on the trailer hitch making it possible to cycle legally on private no-car roads. There is a private road along the coast here. I have also mounted a small box on the bicycles luggage rack to carry lead and other heavy things, so that I don’t have to carry it my backpack, which I also bring along. This works fine. So a bike on the trailer hitch, is a good tip, if one wants to investigate places, where not many people go.

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