Taínha em fly antes do trabalho (4K ULTRA HD)

Hi guys, welcome to another fishing video, today I wake up early I am in Douro, near my home near the entrance of Oporto, Oporto start there, you can see the bridges so today I will try some Mullet with Bread Fly it’s an imitation of bread this let´s see how it goes fish on beautiful I know is just a matter of time my hooks are very thin, let´s see if I can et the fish this is great I already lost some Mullet but this is a fighter I already broke one hook in the middle they are thin was not the best choice for this and she doesn´t stop and now comes a boat to help… almost … I did it here come some waves beautiful Mullet give me an impressive fight this is the fly, a dread fly now that we already take some photos we will release there she goes to her life was not skunk, the day was hard after I lost 2, 3, 4 at the end I was having lots of hits finally one hit the fly decided and I managed to land her all the people are going to work and I think I will do the same and my two hours of fishing are over I wake up a bit early to come to this spot where I walk with my wife every single day, is 6.6 Km I fish with this bread fly, this fly here that you saw is an imitation of bread, at the begin of the day I threw some bread so they go topwater but when the sunrise they start to come naturally hope you like this video and see you next video

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