Swan Lake: Behind the Scenes for World Ballet Day 2018

Swan Lake: Behind the Scenes for World Ballet Day 2018

Swan Lake is the biggest show that we do
it’s hard work super physical isn’t it, especially when you’re
stood there just at the front of that triangle and you can just feel it all
behind and the energy of men with all men on stage like that you know usually
there’s not a male corps de ballet the physicality is I think what makes it
exciting, that’s why it’s like it feels so good to do it. Swan Lake changed
my life my Swan Lake changed my life I felt at the time that if I was gonna do
Swan Lake at all I had to do something different with it
because my company is not a classical company we’re a contemporary dance theatre
company the idea of male swans had come into my head like a long time before
actually just as a sort of a daydream in a way that idea seem to be exciting and
the more we delved into it the more interesting it became the more sort of
psychological it became. You certainly don’t want to close your eyes,
occasionally maybe but that’s so that’s sort of killing it a little bit you know. I remember the first time I watched this
role and it really struck me like from the first moment I ever saw it
all the men dancing the power of the grace, the excitement
and after that I really started to take dance more seriously it started to be
something I was willing to commit all this energy and passion to. Matthew Ball and I met for the first
time at the National Dance Awards he started to tell me how inspired he was
by Swan Lake I think he was taken to see the show when he was about eight or nine
years old he bought the t-shirt, he’s still got it. It was such a lovely story in a
way one I’ve heard many times from lots of young male dancers that it was
something they saw that inspired them I think with Matt he understands this
character it’s something he’s clicked into very easily. I said to him the other
day it looks like it’s been made on you. Okay I’ve got some notes you’re working
together as a company and don’t underestimate how amazing that is
because you’ve only got together last week. I thought it might be quite
difficult to approach this work having gone down a more classical route but my
training with the Royal Ballet has equipped me really well for a lot of
various challenges. I’m from a musical theatre background so
for me it’s completely different having to mix the contemporary and the
ballet together and then with the musical theatre for me I feel like that acting side sort of comes a bit more naturally to me it’s kind of the perfect
blend for me. I always really wanted to do this particular role it was the first
Matthew Bourne that I saw so yeah it kinda it means a lot it’s always like
you feel like you’ve made it. For the men in this show they need to
have an enormous amount of charisma, I have to say it has to be pretty sexy you know so that’s
what we’re looking for as well. I’ll be honest about that it has to have that
kind of appeal and they need to be very strong dancers but also strong actor
dancers as well. I mean I’ve been finding it a bit tough with the bare feet and a
bit tough with you know some of the more contemporary style and like actually let
myself go on some of it but I think it is all part of a process which is quite
exciting for me. It’s you know been my dream since I can remember you know you
grow up watching this and for me it’s just every possible dream of mine coming
true it’s one of the really big ones and one of the last big ones that I’ve
always really wanted to do so for me it kind of gives a sense of completion I
think we’re all carrying that a little bit I’ll be like that sense of like why
we even began dancing it’ll definitely be an amazing moment to look back on
everything that’s gone. It’s an inspiring piece for so many
people it’s changed perceptions of dance in many ways it still has the power to
move people and affect people and that’s why we still do it that’s why we still love it.

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