Sustainable fisheries are important for the future

It is very important to have an ecolabel and
MSC is one of the most recognised labels by the industry and the retailers. MSC certification
is not just a seal on your product; I believe it’s something more than that. It takes
your fishery to another level. It helps you to keep the fishery well managed, sustained,
have areas of scrutinisation to make the fishery more developed and helps you to sustain it
for generations to come. We are dealing with a resource, it has to
be managed, it has to be sustainably managed. Otherwise it will not be there for our future
generations to use. When it comes to the pole line skipjack fishery
those who deserve to benefit most are our local fishermen because their century old
practices and their efforts have made us achieve this certification.
This needs to pass on to other generations the way it has been passed on to them by their
fore-fathers. Sustainable fisheries are our responsibility.
We have to care for it for the future.

local_offerevent_note October 15, 2019

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