Surprise FISH for the 29 Gallon

what’s up everybody J here and welcome
back to the planted tank and I got a little surprise for you guys today so as
you can see I picked up a pair of blue marble angelfish these guys are doing
amazing in here they really set off the tank this 29 gallon doesn’t look so
empty anymore and I’m really happy with my decision the only thing I noticed
wrong with them so far is this guy’s dorsal fin here and I believe that that
is because he was shipped in a bag that was too small for him when I got to the
fish store the guy said that they had just showed up and they just got him
acclimated to the tank so this little girl over here is the female obviously
this guy’s the big male they are a pair and there has been zero aggression
between the two and zero aggression between them and the fish that I’ve
already had in there my Rams also have paired up they are a male and female I
figured out so that’s awesome so I have two different pairs of fish in this tank
this tank is really really looking good sorry for the glare I’m getting it’s
kind of midday I still need to pick up some some black blinds so I can block
out all this excess light and stuff and also so I don’t get out GMO tank but
yeah this tank is doing really well I am running pressurized co2 on this tank now
sorry I haven’t been uploading the past few days I’ve been really sick I’m still
pretty sick at the moment but other than that all my tanks are doing really well
my angelfish are just such such awesome looking fish I’ve never seen blue marble
angelfish in person they’re kind of a rare thing to find in my local area so
yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you’re new here consider
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what I should name them I am going to name them something probably something
goofy but yeah anyways if you guys new here like I said hit the subscribe
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