Surf Fishing for HALIBUT

Oh, a little striped bass. All right, good
morning fellow fishermen and here I am checking out the conditions once again… a little different location but we’re gonna give this place a shot.
It’s the incoming high tide and let’s take a look at the conditions. This is what I’m
gonna be looking at… give that area a work over and let’s get to fishing.. let’s see if anything is in the surf.. specifically halibut. There we go! There’s a hook up. That felt pretty good. Yeah, that’s gonna be a flatty. All right!
There we go, that’s legal. Got em… beautiful halibut. There we go. Oh, that’s not bad. yeah Oh nice fish. There we go.. C’mon, beach yourself up there. Waiting for that wave to come in.. All right, so for today’s summary of this little adventure in the morning.. come down here, fish kind of a new little jetty area.. end up getting two legal size halibut. The
first one was 25″.. and the second one was 23″. So, getting out of here.. conditions
changed.. a lot of seaweed is coming in.. time to head out.. fantastic day. Thanks for tuning in.. 🙂

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