SUB]매운 등갈비김치찜 만들기 청양고추 김 먹방 KOREAN MUKBANG

SUB]매운 등갈비김치찜 만들기 청양고추 김 먹방 KOREAN MUKBANG

(I added soybean paste b/c heard it removes blood quickly & gets rid of pork odor😊) (Ooh cool) Hello~ It’s Dorothy!😊 Hello~~👋👋 Ta-da! This is today’s menu! This is braised kimchi & back ribs! 👏👏👏 I was craving braised kimchi so much~~ so I’m having this today! 😍 I thought of adding pork belly here first but the back ribs looked so good so I brought that instead 😋 I added spicy chili pepper while cooking so that the spiciness is in the broth and this ungrilled raw laver (seaweed) and this is hibiscus tea! (Slurp) Ah~ Refreshing! And here, I got rice! Thanks for the meal! Ahh looks so good! I think I’ll be using my hands today! Lots and lots I mean, lots and lots! First of all, rice!🍚🍚 Hmm~ Put the entire thing on top! Hmm~ (So good!!) 👍👍👍 It’s so tender that the meat is just slipping out! ( Look here 😊) (Kimchi & meat wrap) (Yum❤) (Spicy chili pepper) (Look here! 😊) Top the meat! Seaweed~! Ooh~ Braised kimchi is love ❤ Sooo good!~👍 Seaweed on top! Hmmm~~~😍😍 (Eat it like this!) (Meat!❤) I boiled the meat for a long time~ Both the meat & kimchi is soft~ Sooo good!😆 Rice & meat in! Seaweed~ Hmm~~😋 Wow, it’s so delicious!! 🥰 (Uh oh~😅) (It’s an eating show yet I’m not such a clean eater… But it was soo good…) Top that~ (I can’t get my eyes off of my mouth as I’m editing… 😭😭 I’m sorry, someone blur my mouth!!)
Up we go~ Hmm?~ Up you go~ There we go~ Big one! Wrap it around~ Alright, got it Has to taste good! (Sigh… Life isn’t easy)
What am I doing? lol 😋😋👍 The meat just slips out of the bone!! Like this! Gooood!! Hehe I apologize for using my hands so many times~ 🙏 👍👍👍 2 pieces of seaweed~ and rib! kim!chi! Top it~!! Like this! 😆 👏👏👏 Wow! That was a wonderful meal! 😁 My mouth is a disaster, eh? Just a sec~ It was such an amazing meal! 😍 But I feel like I wolfed down and shoved everything in my mouth~ I’m trying to be more cautious in camera but I think when your instinct kicks in, you can’t do much but just lose control! I apologize if I looked too messy! 😊🙏 But honestly, it was so delicious! I hope you enjoyed the video!😄 Eating with seaweed is still good as ever! It was amazing! The ribs were very tender too Since it was soo soft and tender, it was absolutely delicious! Same thing for kimchi! I enjoyed the hibiscus tea as well~! I’ll be heading out now~ Bye! Dear Oz~! I love y’all❤

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