Strap Bend – Joining – Two Loop Ends of Rope Together – How to Tie the Strap Bend

Strap Bend – Joining – Two Loop Ends of Rope Together – How to Tie the Strap Bend

a strap Bend morning men starboard 10
the buffer hello everybody yep welcome back and
today’s little knot we’re going nautical again on this one and this one is known
as a strap Bend and let me just read to you from Ashley’s what it says about
that and it should also appear on the screen there but it is actually one for
nine to a strap Bend of another sort the circular piece of rope which passes
around the block and provides the eye from which it is suspended is called a
strap also a rope wreath or a single rope with an eye in one or both end
which is made which is to be made fast in the rigging and to which the tackle
is hooked is termed a strap so there you go we are nautical today and the idea of
the strap is basically it’s a way of joining two loops together if you don’t
have access to either end and it’s so quick so simple to do if you know about
this knot if you’ve used it before please do leave me a comment down below
and anything else you want to talk about leave a comment down below and we’ll
have a chat online about this so anyway without further ado let’s get on and
let’s get knotting right so as you can see here we have our
little dilemma we’ve got a loop to the right and a loop to the net left and we
want to be able to join these two ropes with a bend of some sort and this one is
just such a double and as I tie this for those of you who know your knots will
recognize this one instantly under another name so first thing that I need
to do is I need to pass one loop through the other so in this case I’m gonna take
the red loop and pass it through the yellow loop like so just pass a little
bit through because we’d want some to work with and now that we’ve done that
the next thing that we do is we take the red loop and we pass it underneath the
yellow SOTA pass the read underneath the yellow like so and
now the next thing that we do and this is where you’ll recognize it we then
take this red loop here we pass it over the two yellow ones there and at the
same time pass it underneath the red one itself at that point so what I’m gonna
do is just take it over the two red two yellows underneath the two Reds pull it
through and recognize that yep the sheep Bend so there you go so that
is one way of joining two loops together and if you know of a different way tell
me in the descriptions down below because I’d love to hear about it so
that’s it and that is nice and secure now the only thing that I would say
about this is that this particular knot obviously if it’s allowed to become
slack there is a chance of it coming undone and I’ll keep shaking and
eventually that will come undone you can see it’s already loosened up here it
just needs a little bit of time a little bit of shaking and that will come undone
so anyway there you have it how quick was today’s little lesson so if you want
to tie the strap Bend that is how you do it so once again thanks everybody for
watching give me a thumbs up like it share it whatever you want but please do
leave me a comment down below and let’s have a chat about this and other other
knots that you may be interested in so once again thanks for watching bye bye

10 thoughts on “Strap Bend – Joining – Two Loop Ends of Rope Together – How to Tie the Strap Bend”

  • Sheet Bend on a Bight! Lol. You can also tie it like a Round Turn (Double) Bowline, same as you can do with a Sheet Bend, since the Sheet Bend is basically just a Bowline where you lead back though and around the standing end using the tag end of another rope. So you can double up the choke point and even modify a type of Yosemite finish on it to make it more secure under dynamic loading.

  • I would have used the term bight instead of loop, but technical accuracy can befuddle newcomers. All in all the message gets through and that's what's important. I wonder how useful this bend is. As it's tided in a bight what happens if the ends of the yellow line get pulled in opposite directions? Will the knot capsize? Would it be better if the yellow line were tied into a figure of eight loop or a alpine butterfly before the red line is bended to it?

  • If you go back through the yellow – sort of a reef knot, you get a different similar result. Haven't seen this anywhere.

  • What kind of knot is when you have two loops and place the left through the right and then the left through the right and pull. It creates a kind of figure of eight around one loop and wont come free. I use it to connect two dog lead handles together. If you do it in reverse it comes apart when pulled…

  • Greetings
    I frequently have a need to tie two ends of a rope together and cinch them tightly around large objects. There are a few options to connect two ends of a rope but none that you can cinch tightly around the object, other than the truckers hitch. Any suggestions?

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