StraitEdge Angler Pro Kayak from Advanced Elements and Oz Inflatable Kayaks AE1055

hey this is Emily from Oz Inflatable
Kayaks and in this video I’m going to go
through why the StraitEdge Angler Pro kayak from Advanced Elements is in my
opinion the best inflatable fishing kayak on the market and I’m also going
to help you to understand whether it’s the right click for you so it’s got some
awesome features that we’re going to talk about we’re gonna talk about some
of my customers experiences and just help you understand what those features
mean for you how its gonna make your life better basically this is Tom who’s
life is better as we can see such a great kayak easy to set up and put away
handles very well in the water seat very comfortable love it can’t wait to get
out on it again so he was really happy with it he paddles mostly in the
Forster-Tuncurry area this is one of the key features durability okay so that’s
probably the first thing most customers think of when they start asking about an
inflatable fishing kayak how durable is it really you’ve got knives you’ve got
hooks you got fish and you’ve got this inflatable kayak like surely there’s a
risk here no no there’s really not okay so advanced elements have done a great
job of making this kayak tough you know it really doesn’t have any issues with
knives you’d have to I don’t know you’d have to really stab it to even make a
dent and let’s talk about why that is so first of all this here is actually a
zipper because this is a cover on the inner tube so you’re not just clanking
along on an inner tube the inner tube is protected with a cover and that cover is
a triple-layer material called PVC tarpaulin and PVC tarpaulin is itself
three layers so you’ve got the inner tube underneath and then three layers
you’ve got four layers you’ve got to get through
okay now this PVC tarpaulin is pretty awesome stuff because not just it’s not
just that it’s triple layers it’s also this fabric layer and the middle stops
it from stretching so you can get quite good pressure from these kinds quite
good rigidity with not a huge PSI when you don’t have to inflate to high
pressure it means you don’t have to do a lot of pumping so that’s great what
we’ve also got here as you can see is some gray reinforcements so common
abrasion areas they they’ve got a lot of experienced customers were basically
going ahead and fishing in the StraitEdge the regular StraitEdge
Kayak anyway so Advanced Elements you know that
will all customize this up and so they knew the common abrasion areas and just gave
some extra abrasion protection there with those gray pads and then you’ve got
the floor so this is a drop stitch floor now drop stitch is pretty special stuff
drop stitch I’ll show you here means that the chamber is stitched top to
bottom all the way through so you can inflate it to fairly high pressure and
it maintains its shape it goes to about four to six PSI now that is rigid enough
in this kayak for you to stand up on it’s pretty awesome but it also is extremely
durable drop stitch because you know to maintain such high pressure you have to
have a really good quality thick covering on the drop stitch you’ve also
with this kayak got this black pad on top again and that’s a it’s a nonstick
padding basically so you know all of the chambers are really really well
protected here durability wise it’s excellent absolutely excellent the hull
on the underside which you can’t see in this picture that is also PVC tarpaulin
so you know again really well protected you’ve got no problems with submerged
objects that kind of thing there are a few other benefits to drop
stitch which we’ll come back to in a minute but I first just want to point
out that this is what’s called a self bailing kayak it’s a sit on top kayak
right so it makes it suitable for open ocean which is fantastic and the way it
works is if water comes over the side there are ports and that’s what these
little gaps here are they allow you to open the ports so if it’s sort of cold
and calm you can actually keep them closed and will keep the water out but
if you want it to be self bailing you open these ports up and when water comes
over it just drains out and the kayak balances it self-balances in the water if
that makes sense and you’re sitting on top of the water so you’re generally
staying dry in your seat but like I said classed as suitable for
open ocean so plenty of options for you now the other benefit of this drop
stitch is that rigidity it gives you great performance in the water and it
allows you to stand up so if you just want to see the fish or you want to
stand up and cast you have that option with this kayak it’s pretty cool okay
and that’s pretty unique for an inflatable kayak but the drop stitch
floor has one other benefit it’s like the gift that just keeps giving right
it has allowed advanced elements to create a folding aluminium frame seat so
in terms of comfort and support this really is the bee’s knees
so you can see here these straps are adjustable so you can change the angle
if you want to sit more upright or laid-back but the support is just second
to none like it really is like sitting on a seat not only that your bum is
raised so a lot of people including myself have you know tight hamstrings
find it kind of uncomfortable to sit with legs straight out in front well you
don’t have to do that with this you’ve got a foot brace there if you want it
but your bum is raised so you’ve got that nice drop down to your heels it’s
just really really comfortable and let’s face it a lot of fishing is about being
comfortable isn’t it it’s about sitting okay
now the next thing I’ve done here is give you just heaps and heaps of rail
mount space so if you think about it logically you can’t drill a rod holder or
any sort of mount into an inflatable kayak so these mounts here these rails
give you the opportunity to mount up all sorts of gear there’s a front one here
and a rear one here and the way they work is they connect here and here so
when you unclip and pull them out you still can just fold the kayak down and
if you’re just going out for a paddle one day you don’t even have to put them
in you know it’s just an optional part but they come you get two rails with the
StraitEdge Angler Pro Kayak and here you can see that there’s a huge range of
attachments that you can work on it’s just awesome and you’ve also got the
paddle holder here and here so that little velcro straps to get your paddle
out of the way really there’s not much you couldn’t attach on this kayak it’s
pretty cool and now it goes pretty fast so for you know just going out for a
paddle you’ve got a couple of features that make their StraitEdge Angler Pro
Kayak track nice and straight and go fast one of these is this aluminum rib
so this is a sort of a see-through x-ray kind of picture for you and and what it
is this red is aluminium and it gives you a bounce turn sit in the water you
can see it the shape really well their vertical bounce tone stops the waggle
okay stops the yaw of the kayak and the one at the back acts like a bit of a
scare draws the water behind also the StraitEdge Angler Pro Kayak is pretty long
okay so longer than a regular StraitEdge Angler or a StraitEdge Kayak so
that extra length combined with the aluminium rim frame gives you plenty of
speed now just so you’re not concerned you don’t have to install and uninstall
these aluminium ribs they’re just there and they end here and here so you can
still fold the kayak up and put it in a bag it just gives you really good
performance the other thing that gives you great performance this is actually
the hull this is the underside of the kayak and this is a fin box and the
kayak StraitEdge Angler Pro Kayak comes with a deep fin okay so with that deep
fin I’ll just go back sorry with that deep fin you can it’s optional right so
it comes with a kayak but if you know you’re going to be in shallow water you
don’t have to put it in but if you put it in it really improves that tracking
yet again okay so you have a kayak that really goes well but the other great
thing is you could put a propeller in it okay so this is the Electra fin here so
if you want to just buzz along check out this guy here would be Electra
fin in the StraitEdge Angler Pro Kayak if you don’t really want to paddle or you
think you’re going to end up at an open ocean you know having been fishing for a
while you’ve got that option to let it take you home okay now a really
important feature with any inflatable fishing kayak is of course the capacity
you need to be able to load it up with gear you know and that includes that
potential for a motor mount you know with a heavy battery you might have an S
key for low gear you might have a tackle box you might be taking your lunch you
might be going camping you have a hundred and eighty kilograms to work
with and also you just might be heavy you know nothing wrong with that but you
need a kayak that’s going to take the weight and 180 kilograms more than does
it for most people I love this picture here because he’s in the right position
there with his feet on the foot brace you know to give himself support in his
back but he’s also got heaps of space here so you can see how you can really
load it up and he’s using the rail mounts really well he’s got this whole
little platform here going on it’s just great now this is the real crux of it
though it’s totally portable so the number of customers that have said to me
20 kilograms that is so much lighter than my fishing kayak that I have now
that is awesome they’re just delighted that they can
pack it up into a bag and the bag includes backpack straps the backpack
straps actually aren’t quite like this in that they’ve got these clips at both
in so you can actually take them if you don’t need them but they’ve got
padded backpack straps and packs up to a bag you can take it anywhere and it’s
nice and light so this great option if you’re going traveling people with
caravans or camper vans, camper trailers you know RVs any of that sort of thing
going overseas whatever you want to do you can do with this kayak it’s great so
in terms of setup it’s reasonably simple you basically take all of the kit out of
the bag you unfold the kayak most of the kayak is just simply in one piece so it’s
nice and easy okay this is if you want to install the accessory frames okay you
pop them in first little short bits then the longer bits and clip it together
those grommets come pre-installed on the kayak and as I’ve said if you just want
to go for a paddle you don’t need to necessarily bother with the accessory
frames then you inflate each side tube and the tubes go to 2.2 PSI so it doesn’t
require a huge amount of air okay that’s the second tube now the drop stitch floor does
actually come installed and then you can simply inflate it now the drop
stitch floor goes to a slightly higher PSI about four to six PSI and so
it requires a bit more air the front thwart and the rear thwart they’re low pressure one PSI and the main purpose of those thwarts is to keep the aluminium
rib frames in place and the front water also acts as a footrest you clip in the
seat you can actually adjust the straps on the seat so that it’s positioned you
know as far forward or as far backwards as you would like it to be and that’s how
you adjust the angle of the seat so you get exactly the support you need this is
that deep tracking fin being installed again optional if you know you’re going
at shallow water you can leave it off so that’s the StraitEdge Angler Pro
Kayak from Advanced Elements as I’ve said in my opinion the best inflatable
fishing kayak on the market it’s been a great seller as soon as it entered the
market it just starts selling like hotcakes
we’ve been really pleased so far with the customer feedback if you have any
questions about the StraitEdge Angler Pro Kayak please get in touch I’ll be happy
to talk with you about it further this is Emily from Oz Inflatable Kayaks

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