Stocking Dates Announced for Selected Virginia Trout Waters

Stocking Dates Announced for Selected Virginia Trout Waters

Hi! I am Jason Hallacher with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about Our pre-announced trout stockings that we are doing this spring. A lot of anglers will ask us how did we decide to do these pre-announced stockings. Back in 2014 we worked with Virginia Tech. to do a stocked trout management plan. And we interviewed anglers from all across the state and basically asked them. What are we doing right? and what do you guys want? And a lot anglers came back saying “We want a better chance to plan to go fishing we want pre-announced opportunities to go.” and so this the answer to that request. So biologists chose 12 streams and lakes to try these pre-announced stockings This is pilot program just to see how people like it But we think that this will be a great opportunity for folks to plan camping trips around these stockings. We tried to stock as close to the weekends as we could and we also looked at school closings and school vacations. So you’ll have a good opportunity to bring kids out and stock as well. and you can find all the information about these pre-announced stockings on our website. These stockings are not set in stone, this is just a test. So we may move it around to different waters next year. Or they may stay the same. We tried to spread these stockings out So a lot of people would have opportunities to utilize Heritage Day as well these pre-announced stockings.

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  • How about stopping fishing for a couple weeks after stocking until the fish have had time to settle in? As it is now it's like shooting fish in a barrel! There's no sport in that! It would be the same as it is now: everyone fishes right after stocking and after the fish are caught the fishing almost stops. No difference from stopping it right after stocking.

  • Too Bad VDGIF doesnt actually leave the truck when they stock…..its a shame they wont walk the trout to different spots on streams……..might as well put em in barrel for the truck followers.

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