St. Clair River Walleye Fishing

St. Clair River Walleye Fishing

Hi, I’m Captain Ben Wolfe of Sport Fish Michigan, and I’m here with Captain Eric Long with Long Line Charters. We’re on the St. Clair River today. It’s mid-November, we’ve had a huge cold front
– lots of snow – but the walleye fishing is still really good and we’re going to go give
it a rip and see how well we can do. Yeah – for sure – it will be fun. [Ben] Let’s get ’em!I’m excited – I
know we’ve been talking about it for a while. The fishery is awesome out here. It can be magical. It can be like the Detroit River. We had a couple times the other day, like
I told you, when we found that shallow water break. It was stupid. That sounds so fun. Yeah, you go from having five fish in the
box – fish four hours and then you got your 18. That’s awesome. Yeah, it’s silly. That’s the great thing about fall – I know
so many people are in the woods right now, but the fishing is really good because the
photo-period for feeding is so much shorter. Those fish have to eat to survive, and that’s
what they’re doing. As an angler, I want to take advantage of
that. [Ben] I really have to put my time in and
just graph whatever I’m seeing. [Ben] That’s going to give me a much better starting
point, a much smarter starting point. [Eric] Oh yeah. [Eric] It takes 15-20 minutes at the beginning of
your trip. [Eric] It’s not a big deal. [Eric] Especially this time of year, there’s no sense
keeping your hands on a pole for nothing. [Ben] Well, that’s it. [Ben] I mean – so if I spend 15-20 minutes looking,
it might cut down that learning curve much faster than if I just started fishing. [Ben] I got one here. [Eric] There we go. [Ben] I was just about to reach down. [Eric] You want me to grab the net Ben? [Ben] Sure. I might be able to swing him. [Ben] I’m about to reach down and actually mark
that spot. [Eric] There you go – that’s a nice one. Another one. [Ben] Yup – got him. [Eric] Nice one. [Ben] Yours is nicer than mine. [Eric] I know.I’ll take it. [Eric] Oh! There it is! [Ben] There it is! [Ben] I don’t know if it’s the same one. [Eric] Nice one. [Ben] Eric’s doing battle up in front. We’ve got another. Working on a nice livewell here full of great
St. Clair River walleyes. Eric, that was a really fantastic
afternoon. We really were able to dial-in on some fish
and put a really nice limit together. [Eric] Oh yeah – it was a typical fall day. You have to work for them a little bit. But you find a school and once you stay on
them, obviously you can get your fish pretty quick. The key was once we figured out where those
fish were, being able to repeat that pattern. Realizing that our bites came from
‘PointA’ to ‘Point B,’ and rather than keep drifting, just go back up
– keep motoring back and forth. By doing that, we were able to put together
that limit real quickly. [Eric] Oh yeah, for sure. ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ was small – a little
section. We were fishing miles of the river, but we
caught them within 100 yards, if that. Small little break at the end of the channel. Yeah. So, you know, that’s typical fall fishing
but we had a nice day today – the sun popped out. Pick your days – when you get a nice day,
there is really fantastic fishing to be had. Oh yeah – for sure. Better than a tree stand – that’s for sure. Yup – exactly. Pick your days, get out and have some fun. Lots of walleye fishing to be had here still
on the St. Clair River. Give Captain Eric a call,
and we’ll see you next time. If you’re looking for a Captain or a Guide
in the State of Michigan, please give Sport Fish Michigan a call, or check us out on the
web at

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