Spring River Walleye Fishing on the Peshtigo with Eric Haataja

7 thoughts on “Spring River Walleye Fishing on the Peshtigo with Eric Haataja”

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  • Nice to see you in my neck of the woods, and with Eric one of the best guides out there a truly classy gentleman. I hope you signed the fishing rod you gave to Eric,awesome video would love to see more stuff like this with good explanations of what is happening

  • I bought an old Lund boat from Eric about 16 years ago. My brother and I went to his house and I remember him showing us his fishing photo album, I was blown away. I remember thinking to myself "some day this guy is gonna be on TV." A few years later he started popping up and I thought, hmmm, should have kept that old Lund, might be worth something. I remember him being an amazing guy and we only talked for 20 minutes.

  • Awesome episode Jason! Looking forward to taking a trip over in April this year to get in on the action. Were you guys using the boat launch at the mouth of the Peshtigo River in the Peshtigo Harbor Unit on the south side?

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