Small Stream Fly Fishing 2015!  [CC/SUBTITLES]

Small Stream Fly Fishing 2015! [CC/SUBTITLES]

carter: hey guys, this is trout candy films today and we’re doing a little bit of a unique video voice-over over our original footage. brett: in the luscious forests of the PNW here, a nice coastal river. carter: we were fishing this beautiful coastal river for cutthroat on opening day brett: in a luscious forest here, and one I caught, which was 4 inches only caught one 4 inch cutthroat the entire day proving his mediocre fly fishing abilities but the technical water proved difficult for Carter which I had to master. yeah, this pocket water, I wasn’t I wasn’t very efficient at fishing this pocket water however carter: it was pretty fun. brett: overall the day was very productive carter: yeah. brett: being that it’s very unpopular carter: so then we drove up the road a little bit later in the day and we found another nice stretch. there’s this one spot we call the swimming hole right here and it has lots of cutthroat, this is where we caught most of our fish and I caught two really nice ones brett: so, as you can see here, we’re just casting streamers and different nymphs, and here’s me on the lower part of the hole so now carter is getting a fish right now. carter: yes about this fish, this was about 30 minutes after we got the
hole we hadn’t been getting hits in awhile and I cast my wooly bugger my olive wooly bugger just right in there, the fish took it. brett: and as you can see I’m having to help carter with my guiding tips, I’m telling him to use the reel carter: excuse me I could have landed that fish by just stripping the fly line I didn’t need your “pro guiding tips” brett: but you but you were just stripping the line here.. carter: you’re such a pro guide that you can’t even land the fish, it’s flopping all over the place brett: well let’s see. carter: as you can see the fish don’t like brett brett: first try and oh-look who scoops it up. carter: pulls it up.. carter: so, the video doesn’t do the fish justice, this was a really nice 14 inch at least cutthroat. camera was just pretty zoomed out. successful release, and the fish is back in the swimming hole so, a little bit later, I tried some more water. brett: this is just a little riffle so, a little bit later, I tried some more water. brett: this is just a little riffle carter: so, uh, this fish was the last cast of the day ah, brett was just getting into the car and I was casting my last cast. brett: I jumped down the cliff carter: yeah. I mean I casted it into a riffle strike indicator goes under the water and brett sees it, jumps down the hill and sprints towards me to try to land it, very unsucessfully as you can see about a 10 inch, nice cutthroat, yeah in pristine coastal creeks like this you get really nice fish now we’re gonna go to some funnier mr. brett williams here decided it was a good idea to climb onto a huge boulder next to the creek turns out he couldn’t get down, uh, he was up there for about an hour brett: yeah, so what. carter: and here’s me, wondering how the heck he got up there carter: he can’t get back down brett: carter is pointing at the water here and telling me to jump in (and break my ankle) carter: yeah he was actually about to jump into the water and risk breaking his ankles or something because he’s so stupid, he didn’t realize that once he got up it would be very difficult to get back down carter: I’m walking back, he wouldn’t give me the strike indicator he took earlier I was gonna go get it back and that’s the entire reason I came to help him but eventually, he came down. carter: here’s some more, these are some of our mishaps of the day um, we caught our flies in mid-air um, so brett: the only way I could get the fly out is swinging it all around carter: so he does a terrible cast here, and I do a perfect imitation of his casting here, perfect imitation beautiful imitation of brett’s trash casting. brett: and here is carter’s awful casting, trying to be a pocket water fisherman, he gets it stuck in a tree, SUCH a rookie mistake carter: yeah, I caught a marlin! ooh, that’s, that’s a nice one. brett: look at it..oh, oh, oh carter: double speed.. carter: well i eventually got it out, the fly snapped off brett: both, two flies. carter: well, those, those things happen to fishermen brett had a great expression there carter: and there’s brett, waiting for his faithful companion to save him after a fun day of mishaps and fish, brett and I were ready to head home. this is trout candy films, signing off. COMMENT, LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE!!!

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7 thoughts on “Small Stream Fly Fishing 2015! [CC/SUBTITLES]”

  • Brett and Carter headed out on opening weekend for some feisty big cutthroat and rainbows on a beautiful luscious stream in Oregon.  Amazing fly fishing and some fish taken on wooly buggers, prince nymphs, and more!  Plus, commentary on a voiceover by Brett and Carter about the trip!!

  • This is a challenge okay!

    Get powerboat magnum floating eggs #1

    #2 tie a regular size hook on your leader

    #3 try and catch fish using this method!

    Works almost every time!

  • I know this creek! Landed a nice steelhead in that same hole. Wonderful cutty stream until summer. Then the creek turns into a party/swimming/drinking area for local teenagers.

  • Hey man liked the video but streamers for smaller fish like that, you will have a lot less hookups because those fish aren't much of a baitfish eater yet so your best luck is probably going to be with size 14 or smaller

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