Slow Pitch Jigging Nomad Jigs Andy’s Fish Video EP.287

Andy’s fishing Hello everyone and II hear I’m fishing
with Clint again get a a going from a milk he’s up from Melbourne and finding
a little bit hot ah definitely heat struck as so yeah it’s it’s pretty
pretty warm and during the day anyway yeah we’re going to head out and do some
jigging micro jigging even some bigger jigging maybe some hardcore 400 gram
jigging as well yeah so I’ve got the new concept a and 13 rod I’ll give that a
run and couple other rods as well beautiful
hopefully get something I hope side so good stuff down there first time using
this rod it’s the I’m in black by 13 and also brand new reel to the concept a
nice little light outfit and yet got a few micro cheeks from Nomad so give them a run today alright dropping this 45 grams you go
over the side some fish on the sounder see here we go you know that’s a nice oh I think it’s a
reef fish yeah yeah on the 45 gram no man that’s it no magic oh my god ah
let’s say um yellow tailed sweet lip I think what a nice fish for nice and has
have a good look in here you that nice bit of red eyeshadow red fins actually
that could be a juvenile um no nuts I’ll look it up make sure what it is yeah
nice color fish a little bit bloated but it should go down oricon get down here
yeah everything’s going off this cheer this bait school look starting to look
good we struggle for a little bit this morning yeah now you got a band water
and I will look just just looking for new new spots trying different things Oh thought that might work I just rocketed
up to the surface and I reckon one of those Scad fish things just nailed it oh is
this what I think it is why don’t I got oh I can see it Oh pull nice and hard
could even be a tuner we’ll see ya not a Scad a little bit bigger than yours
nice you like that that drag fairly knocks him over quick
reckon I got close to 5 kilos on there look at here a nice nice a muscly little
fish these double hooks in the top lip settle down buddy okay and yeah what do
you got some big oh yeah get that popper a get your Pig popper out the Garfish, the flying fish are taking off. wouldn’t believe
oh yeah as soon as it got down it’s not huge oh no I think I just got sharked oh yeah
I just got shocked I thought I’d slow down so he wouldn’t get very trauma but
he excuse my language got Shark Trauma yeah you can see the teeth marks in here
poor little dude not even a big shark it was probably about 4 foot ya know he’s
shark food for the rest of them now oh sorry buddy yep straightaway he’s not real big he’s
actually quite small this one it looks troutish though yep trout color
the order for little Coral Trout a very very bright colored don’t look at here
there we go beautiful straight back in the water oh he’s a little bloated but I
think he’ll be fine yep he’s shooting down perfect oh and he just touched the
bottom there yep ah war think it just got nipple, nipple rupture that I stuck
around the wrong spot he’s not huge let’s see yeah Oh Cod
wire netting cod or honeycomb cod I’m looking here hey guy pretty fish
thank every big but Freddy any double double hooked again and they get hooked
they get hook well that’s one that’s two and he should be fine
he’s going down I’m not going to use the finer 3000 on the omen green with a
nomad jig let’s see how he go I think that’s about 30 pound line I set the drag first there we go yep that was a good hit
let’s get on the platform yep yeah and support a bit better line let’s see what
we’ve got this time hopefully there’s no sharks on macro we got another Emperor
type thing that’s the same one I got before yeah like a cross between like grassy
red Emperor yeah like that yeah but they’ve got that fat red on the on the
side here that’ll be a distinctive thing they’re definitely not a grassy sweetlip or Red Throat emperor.
right oh yeah let’s go buddy wait see ya that’s holding too long didn’t like it all that was a touch that was definitely
in touch up and back down got it that time yes not huge I’m going to even say
Cod on this one it’s not do a lot of fun what do we got Oh Coral Troutt there we go I need you guys a little bit bigger all right nice little fella just mr. yo
which is good here we go there we go and he should be
right to go go down go go yep there you guys he’s the end oh yeah let’s see what we’ve got this
time I’m not going to call these fish because I get it wrong every time what a
head shaking parrotfish sweet lip maybe can’t help myself they call it let’s
have a look oh and an iodine bream it was interesting I haven’t caught one of
those for years I believe it’s an iodine bream come on fish help me up look at
the markings on that very nice beautiful big eyes okay I’d like oh yeah he’s good oh that’s a good yep that’s a good oh
now that nice and quick coral Cod at one look at the color on that coral cod
very orange now yeah okay how far out oh wow hey you didn’t want to stay any
longer yep oh yes hopefully this is a little
bit better again it was caught a sigh yeah on the Caoral cod such pretty fish
just don’t grow very big hey my little dude oh yeah oh yeah that’s a good one that isn’t
good one getting off the hot all right here we go
sweetly poor what I got I’m gonna say that’s a Paddle-tale in it that is
something I’m not used to catching let’s have a look at you that is a very odd
colored fish it’s like it’s at Lutjanus species. I think it’s got the double fangs
but it’s some yeah I don’t know what that is say I have to look that one up
very interesting it almost almost looks like a golden perch you saw what a
golden perch off you go buddy hey go see yeah yeah oh that’s a good
yeah that is a good going off the bottom there we go where we go and say another one of those things no it might be a Paddle-tale well look that
up if you get buddy hi ceiling oh what have we got here a
little fish yep Hussar , Hussar, Hussar! nice little fish hopefully he’ll swim
down and his bladder will go back in go down quick go down there you guys he’s
good yeah that’s another fish what is this time another saw hello her
saw and swim down yep he’s good to go yeah oh that’s a good one that is a nice
fish oh they always get smaller yeah oh oh I just got GT’ed or shark yep
that was something grabbed him I’d say shark maybe something ate him
let’s have a look there’s some big score marks on the jig and I didn’t feel like
he just fell off something grabbed him yeah maybe a GT no go back down Oh hit
go on go on mackerel maybe contact oh yeah just got a hit on the
way up now you don’t know whether to put
another one on yeah oh just go hit on the way down
Oh drop D I’m going to try fast jigging for a bit see if I can’t lose my jig see
it I heard you yell and it was gone I think I didn’t see any but I just got
hit on the way down before I just like yeah just started screaming off I’m
asking for trouble with this rod doing this oh yes
ah nice look at Judy I think big GT oh yeah took it right at the boat
oh he’s going to do me start the motor and drive a stochastic just a
little so he’s right on the bottom down line if it it could even be a golden trevally,
30 riding that he’s in the roof now that’s all right
I can feeling on the reef I just tighten it up a bit that gone oh
I told you I was asking for trouble is that oh I think I was big GT not not a
gone Golden Trevally. the line
right it right at the the double well that was big fish that was a big fish if
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