Showcasing archery and fishing at Canfield Fair

Showcasing archery and fishing at Canfield Fair

DORIAN MAY ALSO MOVE NORTH INTO OTHER STATES LIKE SOUTH CAROLINA AND GEORGIA. LAURA PODESTA, CBS NEWS. Today is YOUTH day at the Canfield Fair a perfect day to help kids develop an appreciation for the outdoors. Fishing and archery can not only help kids get outside but teaches them life long lessons. First news reporter Alexis Walters is LIVE this morning once again at the Canfield fair. Alexis. Im live in the hay and grain building, where the division of wildlife has turned barn walls into an underwater lake Erie experience. The reason for this, is fishing season has been booming this year. I have Dan Wright of the Division of Wildlife with me this morning… What has made the season thrive so far? You can feel like you’re one of the fish.. but you can also check out some live fish…in their 125 gallon tank they have filled with native Ohio fish. So how can the kids get their hands on a rod? Someone will be teaching kids how to cast a line right outside the building. There is also archery.. a safe space where they can test their hand at bow and arrow…and learn the proper way to handle it. Dan, Why do you want to get these kids with these fishing and archery tools in their hands at a young age? What makes the Canfield fair a good place to do that? The building opens at 9 am this morning.. and will be open all week. Coming up in just about 30 minutes…the Canfield fair has impacts beyond this one week of summer.. it plays a big role in the agriculture and farming business year round here in the valley. We’re going to find out how. Live at the Canfield Fair Alexis Walters First news this morning [A35]FAIR TICKET PRICES THURSDAY-GRPX If you plan to go to the Canfield Fair TODAY — here’s what it will cost to get

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