Shark Toys take a bath.  What sharks are in the bubbles?

Shark Toys take a bath. What sharks are in the bubbles?

Hi Kids! Today we’re giving sharks a bath
there’s a bunch of sharks in these bubbles were gonna help these guys
in they’re boat give the Sharks a bath. But first let’s see what kind of
sharks are in here. Let’s get in our submarine Were going to go in our submarine to go down under the water. Alright, ready to get your first shark? Yeah! Here we go. It’s coming out. Oh that’s not a shark! But he needs washed too. What is it? A Killer Whale! Let’s wash him off. Yeah! Let’s wash him off. There he is. Ready for the next one? Yeah! It’s coming out. That’s a shark! It is? Oh man. There he goes. Into the water. Alright, there is more in here. A Bull Shark! Oh no! He is going to go in the water. There he goes. Here comes some more. Its another Bull Shark! Another Bull Shark? Looking for his friend. Alright, I found some more in here. It’s a Tiger Shark! There’s another one! It’s a Tiger Shark! Here comes something else. It’s a Swordfish! A Swordfish? Yes! I have a lot of pets. Oh. What’s that? A Tiger Shark. He looks hungry. Ahh Uh Oh. There is something big in here. It’s making a bunch of noise. Here he comes. It’s a Jurassic World Shark! It’s a Great White! It’s from Jurassic Park. It is? Yes! Going to dive down. I think there is something even bigger in there. I see something. What could it be? I don’t know. It’s a Megalodon! A Megalodon? Yes! Oh. He looks hungry. Don’t eat me! He looks hungry! Don’t eat me. I’m not food. I see him! Oh no. He’s not coming out. We have to send the boat in. Alright. Is your guy ready? Yea! Let’s send in the boat. Yea! Get your guy on there. No. This diver will go. He has got to go get the shark out. Oh. There is something going on in here. I hear that. There is a Megalodon behind you. WHATCH OUT! Ah. Oh no. There he is! He is hungry still! Don’t eat me. Alright. There all clean. Should we get back in our submarine and check them out underwater? Yea. Alright let’s get in our submarine. Ok Thanks for watching kids. SUBSCRIBE!

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