SF 361  Fishing Aboard the Indian | SPORT FISHING

SF 361 Fishing Aboard the Indian | SPORT FISHING

Hi, I’m Dan Hernandez. I’d like to welcome you to this week’s episode
ofSportfishing,where today we’re fishing
aboardThe Indian.This is our annual
Fourth of July episode and this week again we have a bunch
of drill instructors
from San Diego. All these guys give
service to their country
all year long and today we’re going to
take them out and have a good time
on the water. They’re all out of
the San Diego Marine Depot, and a lot of these guys
have never been fishing before. Some of them have been on
the water before, but today they’re going to
have a lot of fun. So stay tuned for
this week’s exciting episode
Woo! [Man]
Oh, there you are! All right, you’re on! [Man 2]
Yeah, look at that! [man mutters indistinctly] [men cheering] [Man]
That’s a nice fish. [Man 2]
Whoa! [Man]
Pull him hard! [fishing line whirring] [Man]
…a little hungry. All right. Can you get him? [mutters indistinctly] You ready to release that? [Man]
There he goes. [indistinct chatter] [Man]
He’s going to drop it. [laughing] [Man]
Nice, nice, nice. Now you can… [Man 2]
Oh! [men cheer] That’s my first one. [men cheering][Dan]
This week’s episode
of Sportfishing
is brought to you by…[Man]
Whoa! [Man 2]
Pull him hard. [fishing line whirring][Dan]
…and by Lazer Sharp,
manufactured by Eagle Claw.This is our way
of thanking you guys
for your service. I know it’s a tiny,
little thing, but I’m trying
to get you off the base
for a few hours, let you enjoy the day. What we’re going to do today is we’re going to
head down south
into Mexican waters. We’re going to start off
fishing sculpin, sand bass,
stuff like that. I want you guys
to have lots of fun,
enjoy today. I know you guys
are playing babysitter most of the time
over there at the base. So today it’s all about
you guys having some fun
today, all right? Thank you for being here,
and welcome. Have a great time today. We got a sculpin. [Man]
Sculpin! Johnny’s favorite! Yeah. No, that’s– [Man 2]
That’s the one
that bites, right? [Man 4]
Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s
a California scorpionfish. Be careful
with these fish, guys. They’re real tasty eatin’. And it’s called a sculpin
or a scorpionfish, and the spines in the back
have a venom in them, and it’s usually not lethal,
but it’s pretty painful. Oh, yeah. Here we go. Yeah. I’m just working
that bucktail jig
right on the bottom. Got another one
going here. Probably another little
rockfish. Hopefully it’s bigger
than the last one. Let’s see what
we got going here. Just working that
bucktail jig, the little strip of squid
right on the bottom. Just bouncing it, letting that bucktail
open up and close, open and close. It really flutters
nicely in the water. Here’s a nice sculpin here. Here he is right here. He’s coming up. [indistinct chatter] Nice sculpin. These bucktails work great
for sand bass, sculpin, and this is a nice
quality one. Again, you have to
be careful with these. All these points
have venom in them. You can handle them, but you have to
be careful handling them. You don’t want
to get stuck by them. It won’t kill you
or anything, but it will ruin your day. It will hurt
for a few hours. But when you filet these up,
they taste delicious. This is a really
nice-looking one. We got the guys
out with us today– Marines. U.S. Marines. All these guys
are drill instructors
down here in San Diego. They serve all over
the country, and today their only mission
is to catch fish like this. Come on, guys. Get some. Yeah. [Dan]
Over here! [Man]
There we go! [Man 2]
Good march here, guys. Get down to the bottom. And a third one. [Man]
Oh, this one. There’s a bigger one here. [indistinct chatter] Here’s another one! Turn the handle!
Turn the handle on– [Man]
We got a good one here. [indistinct chatter] [Man]
Oh, yeah? [Man 2]
Yeah. [Man]
Rockfish or– [Man 2]
Yep. Let’s get it going here. [Man]
This one might be
a bigger whitefish. Look at that baby. This is what
we’re talking about here. This is a quality
vermilion rockfish, really good eatin’. Sometimes you see it
in the store as red snapper. You just got dinner. That’s a delicious one. This is what
we’re looking for here. See if we can get a bunch
of these here, guys. [indistinct chatter] Aw. I think I lost him. [Man]
Just keep reeling. What do you mean
you think you lost him? Ha ha ha! [Man 2]
I found a grouper. [Man]
All right, a salmon grouper, part of the rock cod species. Very good eatin’. [mutters indistinctly] [Man]
Straight back.
There you go. [Man 2]
Nice. [Man 3]
Is that one legal? No. [Man 4]
No, it’s a wee bit short. Got a lingcod
here for the man. It’s short. I’m going to
have to let it go. Nice job overall. Look at the teeth on him. [Man 2]
Oh, yeah! There you go. Exactly what
we came for here. Put it on my slab. [Man]
Nice red– …red snapper
aboardThe Indian.What’s your name? Jim…One. Good job, Jim One. [Man]
Jim One.
Ha ha ha! [indistinct chatter] [Man]
Damn. Watch out! [Man]
Is that you? That’s me.
Damn, Minnesota. That’s what
I’m talking about. [Man]
Yeah! We got to lingcod here. They’re short. We’re going to
have to release them. Two hooks, two fish.
Way to go. Sweet. How big do those
got to be? [Man]
28 inches. What just happened here
was I dropped the line
in the water and with my supreme
expertise and fishing skills due to being from
the northern states
of Minnesota– northern parts
of Minnesota, I caught me
two fish at one time. But the day’s not over, so I’m just going
to keep going and show up
all these other guys
on the boat how to fish. [Man]
What did you get? Hi, my name’s
Sar’nt Palacios. I’m from
Corpus Christi, Texas, and I wanted to say
happy Fourth of July to my mom and dad back
in Corpus Christi, Texas. Hi, my name’s Sar’nt Gilly
from Phoenix, Arizona. I’d like to say
happy Fourth of July to all my family and friends
back in Phoenix, Arizona. And I’d like to say
“I love you” to my wife
Leticia Daniel. I’m Brian–
Private Tchaikovsky, Las Vegas, Nevada. I’d like to thank you, Dan, for letting us come out
here on the strip, give a shout out
to my friends in Vegas. Have a happy Fourth of July. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back
with more action
aboardThe Indian.Here we go. My name is Harvey LaCala. I’m from Tula Vista. I want to say hi
to my family, especially my wife,
my son Nathan. How y’all doing? I’m aboardThe Indian
sportfishing boat. It’s real fun
to spend a day off. Thanks a lot,
Dan Hernandez. My name is
Staff Sergeant Hernandez, and I’m from
San Diego, California. I’d like to send out
a shout-out to
all the Marines at VMAQ-2 and all the Prowler Marines
stationed at Cherry Point and to all
the drill instructors at 3rd Battalion
Indian Company. Hoorah. Hello, my name is
Gunnery Sergeant Evenger. I’m from Penns Grove,
New Jersey. I’m out here
with Dan Hernandez on
his fishing show. I had a good time. I want to say hello
to my friends and family and have everybody have
a happy Fourth of July. [indistinct chatter] All right. [mutters indistinctly] [Man]
There you go. Now you got him. Number. – Seven.
– Seven. I’ll be with you
in one second. [indistinct chatter] Oh, yeah, Sarge.
There you go. Show it to
the camera, Sarge. I told you
you’d get a fish. About time.
Thanks to Dan here. I had nothing
to do with it. [Man]
Look at that. From Santa Barbara.
What’s your name? Manny. Manny, you got
a nice quality bonita. – Nice.
– Congratulations. Thanks. The guys are going to
try to get a few
more bonita here. We’re going to
take a little break
from the action, show you the rods and reels
that we’re using today. Let’s go visit
the Tackle Box. – Nice fish, man.
– Yeah. [Dan]
This week the Tackle Box is brought to you
by Shakespeare, manufacturer of America’s
best-selling fishing rod, the Ugly Stik. This week in the Tackle Box
I going to talk to you a little bit
what we’re doing with
the Marines today. We’re having a lot of fun
with these guys, but there isn’t a lot
of surface action right now. So what we’re doing
is we’re fishing down deep. When you’re fishing
bottom fish like this there are several ways to go. But when we had a lot
of guys on the water today that aren’t very
experienced at fishing, one of the best
techniques to use when
you’re rock cod fishing is use a dropper loop. Remember, in California
you can use two hooks, so I’m going to show you
how to tie up a two hook dropper loop rig
for rock fishing. The first thing
you need are hooks. If you’re not sure
what hooks to get, you can pick up
the Dan Hernandez
hook kit from Eagle Claw and in it is
a wide selection of hooks. What we’re going to do
is use the red hooks here. I like to use red hooks
a lot when I’m fishing, but also for demonstration
it works out good. I’m going to pick two hooks. You just want
to use a regular
live bait style hook, and that’s what
these are here. When you tie this rig, you want to space them
about a foot apart. You go ahead
and you make the loop. Then after you make the loop, you want to twist that line
about five times. Slide the hook through there. Before you cinch it down, you just want to wet
the line a little bit, that way it takes
the friction out of it. Then you go ahead
and you go up
about another foot and you redo it. Do it the same way. On the very end of it
you want to go ahead and tie on your sinker. You use a very simple knot, cinch it down, and like always,
you want to cut off
that little tag end. This is your two hook
dropper loop rig. The way you’re
going to fish this, your sinker will be
on the bottom. These two hooks
would be dangling above. I would probably put
the bigger bait– if you want to use
a slab piece of mackerel or if you want to
put a big sardine– put that on the dropper loop
on the bottom. Then on the top one,
a little strip of squid. What we like to use a lot
are the Dan’s Magic Strips. What’s neat about these
is that they’ve
already been processed so you never have to
refrigerate them. You can use them,
put them back
into the container, save them. You never have to
refrigerate it. They’ll be good
to use next time. This is the double hook rig,
and like I said, it just sits
right on the bottom. You want that sinker
to lay right on the bottom. We have the loop
so that your bait can move
around a little bit. It looks more natural. In the current,
this will be swinging around. The fish will jump
all over it. Because we’re fishing
the shallow water– rock fishing around
80 feet of water, at the most, 100 feet, you can get away with fishing
some pretty light gear. This is a Shakespeare
Ugly Stik light rod. I like to use this
all the time when
I’m fishing calico bass– the shallow water rockfish
works great, too. Got the Pflueger reel on here. I only have ten,
12-pound test Cajun
Red Line on here. This works out
really nice. I know you’re thinking
this is a really
light line for rock fishing, but I’m telling you,
you fish in the shallow water, fish around
less than 100 feet, this works fine. Again, it’s got
the pistol grip on there
if you’re casting, but for this type of fishing
we’re really not casting, pitching the bait out. The lure I would use
would be a chrome head
with white bucktail on it. When you’re
fishing a bucktail, you always want to use
Dan’s Magic Squid strips. If you don’t want to buy
a big container like that, you can pick up
the little bag. It comes with
6 or 8 strips in it. This is what
they look like here. They’re packed in crab
and shrimp oil. That just adds to the flavor. When the fish
bites down on it, it makes them hold on
a little bit longer. Again, if you’re not used to
tying this type of rig and you’re not sure how
to tie a dropper loop rig, when you buy the hook kit
it comes with a little DVD. In the DVD it shows how
to tie the dropper loop rig. Let’s get back on the water
and join our Marines as they’re fishing
aboardThe Indian.Hi, my name is
Staff Sar’nt Delwin Elegy from West Palm Beach,
Florida. I want to wish my family
a happy Fourth of July, and all those warriors
overseas right now, especially Charlie Company,
3rd Tract, wish you a happy
Fourth of July. My name’s First Sergeant
James Sannum. I’m from River Falls,
Wisconsin. I’d like to say
happy Fourth of July
to my family. And most importantly,
to the troops
serving overseas, “Be safe and be vigilant.” My name is
First Sergeant Bonham. I’m from Huntsville, Alabama. I want to say hello
to everybody back home and I wish
all the troops overseas
come home safe. Well, good morning, Dan. It’s great to have
all of you aboard Marine Corps
Recruit Depot San Diego. My name is
Brigadier General J. Paxton, and we’re honored
and delighted
to have you here. We thank you
and the crew very much for the good things
you’ve done over
the course of many years to support our Corps and
the Marines particularly
here at MCRD. I hope you’ve had
a lot of serious officers
and drill instructors who’ve been able
to go out on The Indian and get some great
sportfishing in. We think that sports
in general and fishing in particular has a lot in common
with the Marines Corps. It’s a lot of initiative,
it’s braving the elements, it’s a can-do spirit, and it takes the whole team
to bring the big one in. Thanks for everything
you’ve done, Dan. On behalf of everyone
here at the depot, not only would we like
to welcome you, but we would like to wish you
and all your viewers a really happy Fourth of July. We’re honored to serve
this great nation and we’re really proud
and privileged to call ourselves
United States Marines and work on behalf
of all the citizens
of this great country. So happy holidays to you
and Semper Fi. Good afternoon. My name is
Gunnery Sergeant Robinson. I’m from Maryland. I’d like to say
happy Fourth of July to my wife Adrian
and my son and happy Fourth of July
to my mother in Texas and my grandmother
in Maryland. Good afternoon. My name is Gunnery Sar’nt
Harold Franco. I’m from White Oak, Texas. I want to say hi
to my mom and dad back
in White Oak, Texas, and say good luck
and God and prayers
are with you for all the service members
overseas. Happy Fourth of July. Hi, my name’s First Sar’nt
Richard A. Mathern. I’m from Billings, Montana. I’d like to say hello
to my family and friends. Happy Fourth of July. And I’d like
to thank Dan Hernandez for my third trip out here. It was a great time. Thanks a lot, Dan.
I appreciate it. I got something. We just made a move,
and I switched
to Magic Metal jig, all chrome. A little bit
heavier outfit. The Ugly Stik
Tiger Rod,
Pflueger reel, and I got 25-pound
test line on here. And, uh, we’re still
over the rock pile area, just moving around,
fishing different
stones here. And, uh, we’ve been
seeing lots of
small lings come up, so I decided to
switch to a bigger jig and a piece
of mackerel on it. And– Oh, I got
a rockfish. Same kind of fish.
Starry eye. Not quite what
we’re trying to get. You can see
that Mackerel strip
I was talking about. He chewed all over it. This is a Magic Metal jig,
and this chrome color, bounce it off the bottom. We’ll see if I can
get me a ling cod. That’s what we’re
trying to catch. Nice size bonito. There you go. All right! All right. There you go! That’s what we want. Part of a tuna. Okay, guys, let’s get
rolling again here. Let’s get
four trawlers out there. If you caught one
on a trawler, just step out
of the rotation, let somebody else
hop in there. It’s gonna
look good again here as soon as we
get out of school Line ’em up. [Dan]
Feather. Keep it in the water.
Keep it in the water. Keep it in the water. Yeah, leave it
in the water. It’s not a piñata.
You gotta leave it
in the water. There you go. Pretty mean
to get that out. [both laughing] Good meat
on show here. That’s bonita, man. Turn around. Here turn around. What’s your name? Gunnery Sergeant Amaker. And where are you from? Greensville,
North Carolina. There you go.
Nice…nice bonita, man. A lot of work. This is bonita
we just caught trawling. So, Zuka feather drawing it
right up on the surface the same way
we trawl for tuna, and bonita’s part of
the tuna family, and they bite
just the same way. Is that your first bonita? Yes, it is. All right, man.
You’ll enjoy that one. It’ll taste good. Bring it in.
Watch it. Wanna be all the way
down in the water. Here he comes. Right here.
Right here. Straight up. Lay it– Not quite
that straight up. Lay ’em down.
Lay ’em down. There we go. Gonna bleed in the tank. It’s a good one. Yeah. First catch of the day. Yeah, you gotta watch out.
They got really sharp mouths. Hi, my name
is Gunnery Sergeant
Skip Amaker from Greensborough,
North Carolina. want to wish
everyone back home a happy
Fourth of July. And for all our
troops overseas, happy Fourth of July. My name’s
Gunnery Sergeant Kinsard. Wish everyone
a happy Fourth of July. I’d like to say hi
to my Mom and Grandma
back in Kansas. Uh, thanks for
having us out, Dan. Hi, my name’s
First Sergeant Richards
from Coos Bay, Oregon. Wanna say, “Hi” to
everyone back home. Say “hello” to my wife,
Juanita, and my two boys,
Johnny and Ryan. Wanna wish everyone
a happy Fourth of July. I wanna thank you, Dan,
for bringing us out today. And I hope that everyone
comes home safe from Iraq. Hi, I’m Gunnery Sergeant
Dustin Kazmar
from Northern Minnesota. I’d like to wish my family and
friends a happy Fourth of July. And wish the guys over in Iraq and Afghanistan a happy
Fourth of July as well. This week the tip of the week
is brought to you by: Magic Metal Jigs
and B-52 Bucktail jigs. For this week’s
tip of the week, I want to talk to you a
little bit about giving service. You know, there’s lots
of ways you can help out around the country. Today we took out
a bunch of marines drill instructors here
in San Diego, who give back every day
by protecting us
all around the world. You know, they make
this country a safer place. It makes it possible
for me to relax, have a great time
out here fishing. protect my family and all of our
families around the country. Now, these guys had
a great time today. It was fun to take them out,
have a good time on the water. I’d like to thank Chris Randall, the owner and operator of
The Indian and all his crew, for making it possible
to do this trip today. Now, one of the ways
that we try to give service through this TV show is
through our youth foundation. Please visit it
when you have time. It’s danskids.org. It’s what we do,
and it’s a lot of fun. On this holiday weekend,
I challenge you to think of what you can do
around the country to help make everybody’s
life a little bit better. Well, I’m Dan Hernandez,
hoping you enjoyed this week’s episode
ofSportfishing,and I hope you
join us again next week as we go looking
for more of the best inSportfishing.Closed-Captioned by
J.R. Media Services, Inc.
Burbank, CA

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