Sealey Lake stocked Trout on Fishing Saskatchewan.

7 thoughts on “Sealey Lake stocked Trout on Fishing Saskatchewan.”

  • Very nice video!!! And you are so right, the area is awesome, for anglers and for any kind of outdoor activities.
    We are located just a few kilometers father north from the Little Bear Lake resort, outside of the Narrow Hills Provincial park, we have an outfitting camp with some cabins, directly on the highway. Lots of lakes around, lots of good fishing. Besides fishing there are nice hiking trails around, eg. Gem Lakes, or Nipekamew Sand Cliffs. Stop by to say hi if you decide to explore the area.

  • hide hide hide all informations! just show the fish,
    big fish!
    oh bigger one!
    oh even bigger!
    oh nice! oh beauty!
    feel like search pics on Google, didn't learn a damn thing!

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