shhh You go put under bloopers yeah after they left earnest boom any good yeah, I made myself Oh my goodness so good. That’s all I had to go cuz I’ll go keep on no onion and saute some onions hater Let’s get this must bomb started Did I mention Lobster? Hey, my karma babies. How are you? How are you? How are you? Look what we have today? We have crab legs lots of crab legs look at this Yes, we have mussels corn on the cob potatoes delicious shrimp, and you know what guys I’m going to start eating right away, and then I’ll talk to you as I’m eating Because I can’t wait any longer to get started. I am so So hungry. I don’t even have the right scissors out here, but I’m going to make do with what I have okay Because I am so hungry I got onion on here Look at that mmM, okay Nice nice some they’ll break Nice, nice, thumbnail. Let’s get a beautiful thumbnail guys we got to do this right There we go. Oh got in the butter by accident. Oh Nice, thumbnail, okay guys. I’m ready to get started. I am ready to get started I am so ready to get started that I didn’t even use the Okay, listen first of all it’s going to be messy. It’s going to be messy Of some I’m so girly Hmm. We have lobster Potatoes everything I’ve been waiting all day for this Oh, my goodness guys sweet Tender juicy mussels Yeah they are delicious Let’s get right into these crab legs. Why don’t we? Mmm. Oh my goodness okay, so Let’s get into it. I Hope these scissors work guys good I Don’t have all day I Am Hummer You ever been angry? Because home They called hangry. Oh When I go going up, I will share it with you Um-Hmm, I Think I Did I tell you right in from the beginning that this is going to be message I? Hope I did because if I didn’t look birds are flying all out in front of me looking at them Hmm. This is my butter sauce I made good I Hope these are the good scissors. I’m not sure because I Do not want to stop. Oh these are good. Yeah, oh all that meat Look at that meat in there. Look at me. Okay guys, so Then we just stop you right here at the door, okay? as I said in my lap people go ah When I use butter sauce It’s a jewel Okay guys. I’m trying to get as close as possible but as I said in my last Seafood boil it’s about to get messy. That’s the only way to eat seafood now if you can eat it Any different hey good for you? Good for you good for you. I can’t and First you guys that Don’t come here, please telling me that I’m trying to be like somebody I Spent my hard-earned dollars on the seafood I Am trying to be like myself if you go back on my videos you’ll see that I start the other channel and Mm, and well, I started mmm I’m trying to get everything out oh, I started to go And I started January the third Okay, my first seafood. I mean January 3rd I did my first my first video and the first one Was um the pigfeet Did my absolutely first Seafood boil January 15 and So if you want to go back while I have those videos up you can go back and check it out That’s when I did my first Seafood boil for this this channel I’ve been eating seafood all my life um okay Then just start eating seafood didn’t just start you know. I’m not trying to eat like anybody else This is the only way that you can eat seafood and maybe The ones that are same those things They’ve never Eaten seafood Because if you had you wouldn’t be saying something like that makes no sense my first one was January 15 and I did my seafood first seafood boil And member of a memory of and everyone after that for Jasper daze when I started my channel in January Third Third I fall Jasper video and in a jatin that video Jasper did A I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten all day been waiting on this Debra did a Seafood boil shortly after that he died and That’s what prompted me to do my first people boil. I went into other hand I wanted to honor him for his mom, so Don’t come here saying anything because If you go back, I used his sauce and when I use his sauce My hands still getting this because it’s a mayonnaise base. It’s thick and I just rub everything in but when I use butter sauce Is what it is okay? so My guys that have been around for a while. They all know I’ve done about mmm, six or seven maybe more of my song people once and that place exactly how many Because they don’t really keep counted them but that’s when I did my first one and then Shortly after that if you want to go, take a look while it’s still there I’m going to be removing them Hopefully transfer them to the new channel shortly after that I did my first King Crab legs and It was some My daughter had bought them for me, and I did it, and I don’t think anybody else had ever done a king crab legs They may have I’m not sure I wasn’t looking for it. I just had to king crab legs and I did it for that Beautiful mussel look at that Hmm guess it’s just too good, so I Wanted to get that out to filming you know I think it uh so you know very disrespectful when you come to somebody’s channel and You tell them that they’re trying to You know be like somebody else now There’s a big difference, then of I Respect everybody and I like to be compared look That’s about as far as it goes Mm-Hmm man these are good Just poked my hand so I Should take my rings off when I’m eating with you guys I Eat Like I would eat with Family I don’t eat trying to be cute and Danty Eat the way that I would eat in front of my family. Oh, that’s still in here That’s this is the way I would eat in front of my family and I Consider us Karma family you know so I Try to tell you in the beginning if you’re offended don’t click on it. I Want you to be offended? mussels are everything everything where I made myself and actually I had To redo my mussels in my shrimp because I thought it had turned them off and ahead not turn them off I like snow crab but there’s nothing like King crab and when I did that video like I said had never seen anyone else do a king crab Masala, but I’ve seen many since then huh and that’s all the part of it is what is the mukbang you know you look and you see different foods and You can this whole ah I want to try that you know Look at it all meat My goodness all always so cool We spent a couple of weeks since I did my last my people Yep, garlic in here and all obay seasoning Tony cachereas I can never pronounce him, right? and uh butter, I Love that I Enjoy this every time at you And I love cooking this because I can put my own particular seasoning and of course it cost less as A feel sorry for for anyone Who can teat seafood look at these beautiful mussels garlicky look at that? Look at that Look at that I have onion Good about my lobster You do that. How you do that? my last seafood mukbang I fried the lobster, but this one I Just boil it put it in the oven mmm I Am never ever eat seafood out out because If I want and enjoy it, that’s what I’m going to do Okay I’m going soak a little bit piece Nothing from here. Just a little bit. I’ll take whatever I can get Oh my Goodness , so good so I did make I start burning some of my food because I Thought I’d turned it off. I had to run a Walmart and I think I turned it up. Oh had my mussels and shrimp cooking got to come and redo it and That’s a good thing about you know cooking it yourself. This you have whatever you know in your freezer All these little let’s look at that. I got to go back over Good that meat all in there oh I’ve never seen anybody eat good seafood and eat it cute What so go back and see? my very first One like I said it’s January 15 It’s a long time ago You know like I said, I will with the jasper sauce. Which is a mayonnaise-based with ketchup and all in it And it’s not you know like this first menus these shrimp are so good this shrimp came from Florida a friend brought them and have them in my freezer ? So whenever I get ready for take a lot I had to uh? Do them from scratch had to take the heads off and everything my first time doing that but I did it because I love shrimp These are good mussels Okay, that one’s closed anytime you see one is closed. Don’t try to open it It’s not good Not good. They should be open when you’re eating them look at that Try them, they’re very inexpensive I can’t believe I’m eating all this I say that every time I go to eat seafood ouch that one quickly Hi all that garlic look at this empty Have a Bowl on the side here so Im going to finish this lobster off. I’m not going to lobster eat two lobsters It is really good So so much better when you buy your food cook yourself this expensive as it is so Helpful. I have too much here. I’ll point out I’ll know to do onion Just I’ll take them with the shrimp and mussels okay of two pounds of Over two pounds of our snow crab leg, and we’ll stop pretty soon I’m Gonna Stop guys people you know you can just keep going on and on and Don’t Wanna fight your baby Don’t have some strength Don’t have the strength let’s finish up on a site which Right with you later that ones not open you know, but sometimes. I think they closed back up if you don’t need them within a certain time I’m not going to be able to clean up a behind myself oh I wish you were here to eat with the oh my goodness. I wish wish wish wish wish Get that meat off of that If you cook lobster the right way its nice and juicy Have to cook it the right way though I’m so cool Lemon water oh Look at that come on anybody With down the block get it out later kind of want to touch it right now with my hand. Oh my goodness Yeah see that with seafood and That’s what made me want to do my first seafood boil here Watching Jasper and So it seems Jasper Dave go over and take a look at his people below I Look at it often I got stuff on my glasses And look at it often I’m so happy that he would make me you know behind Part of him, and he really inspired me to do my field goal, I Was always the place for him Can’t do one without it being dedicated to you He’s the one who started it all literally I Don’t know I didn’t go back to research it or anything like that But I don’t know if anyone else had done any before But you did it epic Epic nobody had done it before, but he did a great job Shrimp is weak okay, I Will keep you here all day That’s more Not going to eat all of it, but happen and really get that And have a nice lunch tomorrow guys lets het another mussel or two Encourage you to give them a try give the mussels a try Typically eat all of these cuz I don’t want to reheat these Good up, so we’ll still work There’s a paper in there if we look at so Okay, cleanup. We have a little lunch for tomorrow. Maybe a couple more beautiful crab legs here Ways think about that, babe so guys I Don’t want to upload to be forever So I will let you go Thank you for stopping in if you’re new to the channel please subscribe I’m going to be reloading some of my other seafood mukbangs or some of my other mukbangs on here Some of them. I’m going to be re editing and Try to make the fresh you know i will re-edit them for you guys of And you know what? Hit the subscribe button and remember How others treat you is their Karma? How you respond is your karma? Okay, guys, I’ma let you go, and I’ll see you in the next mukbang by now Are you alright? Go put this on bloopers. Yeah, I put it under that hmM Yeah, I mean myself. Oh my goodness so good That’s how I had to go cuz I’ll go keep on no onion and stops take some onions toke up time used to never Thought you did a good job getting it open hmm. You real good if it has its good I put obay I put Toni’s cacheras wherever how ever pronounce his name a whole bunch garlic Lemon Pepper Guys you won’t believe it, but she had some crab legs are ready, but she is enjoy this look at her. I saw something and they see I Can probably not lean overso they can see your face could tell Hey, you’re coming in here taking over my food l. Yeah I Go in the kitchen, and I come back and this is what I find house blooper. Oh, okay. I put it under bloopers It’s not a cool belong to enjoy hMM Yours also good. That’s a good balancing melter Yeah, oh Nobody now. You know what I am is good Tony paster with the onions sautéed with onions that People cute you get cute if you out at a restaurant Please we don’t eat that cute with that sauce mmM, cuz it’s open so sauces you know any good Yeah, yeah, I Can get this open fast enough ? Oh? My goodness. They’re not gonna believe you already had your own. No you have to tell that I did tell home you I? Don’t want them to think that I kept food from you Shad your own and your was spicy yours is garlicky . I don’t know a better lover My hand so shrimp In it’s not that I don’t have a shop it should taste again I just had a piece isnt it good , and it’s sweet the potatoes are delicious t Everything with all that garlic and onion on it. I gota go pick up my baby Little Miss my get back look at you doing a good job. Oh, I’m gonna look at it. You’re just playing around are you oh? Yeah, good job ah Yeah You have our water total lemon water so good it relate to quenches your thirst when you’re in between You know all the butter and the onion oh the butter and the onion is so good taste a mussel Deserie visit enough You didn’t even taste them. I don’t want okay, but they step these are better. You’re really hurting See I want to remember. I messed them up I had to come and make some new ones Hey, Karma Babies we still eating See look at her hands are messy, too. You cannot eat seafood and be cute Oh, okay, okay? I’m gonna. I’ll leave it a lot. Oh Nothing, you know sending that ah nothing with you? Oh, I felt just messin with you on that raft I got it again Shawna. Well. He’s not Gonna be ready until what 8:10 Watch my hands and put on my socks You’re after things that oh where he didn’t know better than me. I’ll be okay. Just record it and then I’ll take out what I owed. You look so good Mm-Hmm yeah yeah So cool. I don’t know what to do clean up. You may well not to do no It’s another one word to that right there. I hate why oh I don’t know lobster. I’m kidding. I thought it was gone Delicious so I ate one It’s delicious I Couldn’t eat two of you know that any good I’m gonna eat the rest of this cold uh-huh. I’ll need the rest of it warm He went oh heat it up Sure, go stop even I know I couldn’t stop either That’s the thing it’s going and it’s hard to stop being that people that tell you that’s what was good I that’s what I like making it at home because you have control over your seasoning show Huh? you have control of your seasoning how much and what to cook and this and that you know I love people to cook it for me, but you know You’re done. Oh My goodness. I had to come back and clean up everything okay guys. I told you I was gone For real this time guys. I’m gone. I’m cleaning up, okay. I’m cleaning up She’s going to come back and finish up eating more later because we got plenty left so guys Hmm. I love you bye. Bye now


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