Seabird Maps & Information for Fisheries Tutorial 1: Map Environment

Welcome to the Seabird Maps and Information for Fisheries Website. We’ve prepared a set of tutorial
videos to help you learn how this website can help you. In this
tutorial we’ll show you how to use the map tool to find out what seabirds are in a region,
such as your fishery or other area of interest and to find information useful for
understanding the risk posed to seabirds. First you need to register and create a
free account to use the map tool. It’s easy and takes only a minute. Use of the map tool is completely free. You start the map tool from here. We’ll
talk about managing your own stored information and exploring by species in
another tutorial. The map tool has navigation and windows buttons here at
the top and three windows with tools, layers, and fisheries of your own that you may have mapped. of interest such as countries exclusive
economic zones fisheries window shows any fishery areas
that you may have created. These will be saved here for the next time you log on. The map tools window allows you to create, update, or get bird information for your fisheries. Let’s
create a new fishery! You can draw your fishery right on the map! Click the draw button first, double click to finish the polygon. Give it a name, and add other attributes if you wish. You’ve created a new fishery area! Clicking it on the my fisheries window zooms in. You can modify it if you need to by clicking on the reshape button and then clicking on the fishery you wish to change. Press return to save these changes.You can get rid of it the same way! Click on the delete button, and then on
the fishery you wish to delete. You can also find out about the fishery or
make changes to the information if you need to by using the identify and
update buttons. The reason you are here though is to get a bird list for the
area. First, click on the bird list button. Then, click on the fishery. You can see
there’s now a new button here on the windows bar to show or hide this table.
This table shows you the seabird species that you might encounter in your fishing area. For this
fishery there are 21 species. You can resize the window if you wish a lot of
information in this table but you can explore quickly by sorting just click
the top of the column you wish to sort by this way you can quickly see that two
hundred species in Iraq fishery area are endangered and so forth Collins can be started the same way you
want to see a particular species range on the map display range you may have to
hire the table you can get rid of that match to you by clicking here which caused you wish to see in the
table now for some species first you should
decide which species included you can also reach species range you
would like to report let’s turn on a couple get the report that produces a
summary report to the TWC here produces a comprehensive with full
profile includes just the species you selected and doesn’t include the mass
for the species you do selected because parts can be like you might want to do
this to manage and see if there a park by the gym with standardized information
about this species ecology and distribution information relative to
your fishery what about your interactions and bycatch information
about contact its status references are provided by Disqus interpretation of the
report in the interpretation

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