Salty Madness – Fishing the Norwegian Coast – Full

Salty Madness – Fishing the Norwegian Coast – Full

It’s 6 ‘o clock in the morning, in 90 kilometers we will arrive in Denmark. The sun is coming up. Grenzübergang! Denmark! We’ve arrived in Denmark. 65 kilometers to go to the boat. There’s a fish swimming. With a tail. Maybe you can see him. At the moment we are on the boat to norway. Today it’s monday. We wanted to go fishing very early today, but there was a lot of wind and rain this morning. So we did stay in bed till 9 ‘o clock. Then we went fishing and we caught one coalfish after the other, all of them on the fly. Yeah it went great, I think we caught fifty of them. Sometimes we caught two fish in one cast. Two flies on the leader and then it was two fish biting. We had some seatrout biting our flies too. I Caught one seatrout. And you caught a little cod too. And some goldfish. Yeah, it’s going great!

local_offerevent_note August 31, 2019

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