Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – Trailer

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – Trailer

Welcome from AC News, let’s see today’s trailer and cinema news is coming up! The new comedy A.C.O.D., which stands for Adult Children Of Divorce, will cast two great stars: Adam Scott and Richard Jenkins. The plot is about a young man (Scott) who has dealt all his life with the bitter separation of his parents. And now that his brother is getting married father and mother have to meet up again. The project is directed by Stuart Zickerman and written by Ben Karlin. It’s not the first time that Scott and Jenkins worked together, they starred in another family-themed movie, Step Brothers. It seems as the cinema industry can’t survive for a few months without producing another vampire movie. And in fact Byzanthium is now in production, directed by Neil Jordan and casting beautiful Gemma Arterton who has received very good critiques for Stephen Frear’s Tamara Drew last year. The movie is based on the play by Moira Buffini (who is also the screenwriter) and will also cast Saoirse Ronan, Sam Riley, Daniel Mays e Caleb Jones. The movie will be distributed next year. That’s all for today, see you soon from AC News!

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